10 powerful angel to help you in your life

When we need help in life, we often pray to god. However, some people also choose an indirect route. They speak to Jesus or the archangels and 10 powerful angel ask them to forward their message. But not all topics are suitable for every archangel. As on earth, change engage with special problems.

Ifyouwanttochoosetherightangelforyourproblem, you need to know which area of ​​life he is responsible for. Here are the most popular ar channels for everyday worries and life crises.

1. Archangel Raphael

Raphael means God heals. This archangel is responsible for all health problems. It doesn’t matter when there its humans or animals. He supports people who want to work healers themselves. Anyone looking for an inner spiritual search can also be guided by Raphael. Those who are sick and want to get well quickly should pray to Raphael.

Rooms that are occupied by foreign energies can be cleaned with hi help. He can free the dead souls that are stuck, and send them into the light. When traveling, Raphael ensures that everything runs smoothly and that no accidents happen. Stress, insomnia or mental tension can also reduce dore eliminated with its help.

When you see Raphael, he appears in a green light.

His tasks:

– Addictionproblemsof all kinds

– Clairvoyance

– Healpeople and animals

– Reducepain

– Acceleratethehealthprocess


Dear Archangel Raphael, I need your help. Pleasehelpmealleviatemycomplaints. Please visit me and healmewithyourgreenhealingray. Thank you!

10 powerful angel to help you in10 powerful angel to help you in your life your life
10 powerful angel to help you in your life

2. Archangel Michael

Michael means: He is like God. He is an import an archangel because he has responsibility for all angels. He appears with a sword, which he uses to cut negative energetic connections. These are primarily all forms of fear that are removed d with his sword. This angel ensures that the heart his free from fears.

He also helps people who work in healing or teaching professions. Archangel Michael is particularly skillful in all matters relating to electronic or mechanical devices. Ifyourcomputergoes on strike, then call Michael to get the device up and running again. If you have lost your way in life, you will help find the focus again.

Whenyousee Michael he appears in a blue light.

His tasks:

– Courage

– decisionmaking

– vitality and vitality

– Motivation and lifepath

– Fears

– Repair of electrical or mechanical devices

– self-esteem


Dear Archangel Michael, please help me because I am afraid. Givemesecurity, courage, and security so that this fear goes away.

3. ArchangelMetatron

Archangel Metatronisconsidered an intermediary between heaven and earth. He can understand people well because he was once human. He writes down everything that happens on earth. He records this information in the Akashic Chronicle. He knows all human lifespans. This isespeciallyhelpfulifyouwanttoexperiencethe plan of your life.

Metatronloveschildren and especiallykeeps an eye on thosewhohave spiritual skills. He also helpschildrenwhoarehyperactiveorhave behavioral disorders, and helpsparents and therapists.

Thosewhoarelookingfortheir own accesstospirituality will find an experiencedadvisor in thisarchangel. He also helpsthedeceasedbecause he helpsthesoulto find itsway in thehereafter.

Metatronis a powerful archangelwhoisaboutas strong asArchangel Michael.

When you see Metatron, he appears in a white and gold light.

His tasks:

– Organization and recordingofinformation and data

– behavioral disorders in children

– Access to spiritual understanding

– Recognizeyour own life plan

– wisdom and knowledge


Archangel Metatron, Metatron, please help me with my child, which is behavioral. Show me which methods my child can use to feel better.

10 powerful angel to help you in your life
10 powerful angel to help you in your life

4. Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel means Godismystrength. This angel is the one who brings the latest news to the world. He announcedthebirthof Jesus. Gabriel likes to show himself in the form of a white lily, which means purity and spirituality. Ithastwomainthemes: conception and art/communication.

Whenitcomestofamilydifficulties, Archangel Gabriel istherightone. He takes care of all aspectsofconception, fertility and pregnancy. PregnantwomencanhopeforGabriel’shelp. Ifsomethingiswrongduringpregnancy, call Gabriel. Artists, writers and everyonecan also besupported. The writer, whoisexperiencing a writer’sblock, calls Gabriel tobeinspiredagain.

Whenyousee Gabriel, he appears in a white light.

His tasks:

– conception, pregnancy, birthoradoptionof a child

– Problems withtheinnerchild

– artprojectsorwriting

– Recognizegoals in life


Archangel Gabriel, pleasehelpme in thisdifficultphase. Mycreativityisblocked – please open it and givemenewinspiration.

5. ArchangelChamuel

Chamuel means Him istheonewhoseesGod. Chamuel was one of the original seven archangels and is high in the hierarchy. It also ensuresthattheworldisprotectedfromlowenergies. Chamueliscalled in importantareasoflife. He ensuresthatloverelationships and friendships can develop. And he helpswhentensionsarise in relationshipstosolvethem. Ifyouarelookingforyoursoulmate, this angel will providehelpfulinspiration on this trip.

Chamuel also stands bythepeoplewhenitcomestochoosing a profession and realizingtheir own life’swork. Becausethetopicofself-efficacy, whichiscloselyrelatedtothechoiceofprofession, also belongstohisportfolio. Chamuel also hasverypracticalaspects: ifyouhave lost an item and arelookingforit, youcanaskthisarchangelforhelp.10 powerful angel

WhenyouseeChamuel, he appears in a pink light.

His tasks:

– Life’swork and professional career

– Detectionof lost objects

– Building and developingrelationships

– Stabilizerelationships

– conflictresolution in relationships

– Findingthesoulmate


ArchangelChamuelpleasehelpme find the item that I lost. Givemeinspirationwhere I cansearchto find thethingagain.

6. Archangel Uriel

Uriel means: The light and thefireofGod. This angelwarned Noah oftheimpendingflood. He isconsidered a prophet and masterofalchemy and hasgreatwisdom. Whenitappears, ithappenssubtly so thatyoudon’tnoticeitimmediately.

Uriel has a widerange in whichitcan support people. He helpswithdecisions and canworkwithpracticalsolutions and impulses. Thosewhoarefacing a difficultdestinycanreceivecomfort and confidencefrom Uriel. Even personal or professional developmentsthat stand still canbegiven a new boost withhisstrength. On the emotional level, he supportseveryonewhofeelsdespondentorlacking in motivation and has lost theirzestforlife.

Financial mattersare also attributedtothisangel. Are you in financialneed and do not knowhowtoraisemoney? Thenask Uriel, because he has an ideawithwhichworkyoucanachievethegoal.

Whenyousee Uriel, he appears in a red light.

His tasks:

– Alchemy and divinemagic

– Natural disasters

– Spiritual understanding and wisdom

– Despondency, innerchaos and stress

– Decisionmaking and businesssuccess

– Financial stability


Archangel Uriel, I askyoutogivemeclarity and wisdom so that I canmake a gooddecision. Show mewhichwayisrightforme and whichperspectivesarepresent.

7. ArchangelRaguel

Raguelmeans: friendofGod. He istheonewhowatchesover all theotherangels and ensuresthatthedivine will istransported. Order and justiceishistopic.He worksfortheweak and helpsthosewhofeelbadlytreated. Raguelshouldbebyyourside in caseofconflictordispute.

Itgivespeoplenewstrengthtoexercisetheirrights. Itdoesn’t matter whetherthereareproblemswithfriendshipsor a judicialconflict. He istheadvisorfor all whoare in need and treatedunfairly. Ithelpsustoforgiveotherpeople, solveconflicts and find peace. Harmonyisimportanttohim and thosewhoarelookingforitarerightwiththisarchangel.

WhenyouseeRaguel, he appears in a silver light.

His tasks:

– Disputes in thefamilyorbetweenfriends

– lawsuits and litigation

– injustices and disadvantage

– order and structure

– conflictresolution


ArchangelRaguel, pleasehelpmeresolvetheconflictwithmyfriend. Support me so that I canforgivehim and thecontactisrestored.

10 powerful angel to help you in your life
10 powerful angel to help you in your life

8. ArchangelZadkiel

Zadkielmeans: God’srighteousness. He isconsidered an angelofmercy and kindness. Ithelpspeopledevelopcompassion and compassion. Withitshelp, negative energies and thoughtpatternsareremoved.

Tolerance and forgivenessareoneofhisstrengths. Zadkiel will helpyouifsomethingchanges in yourlife. Anyonewhoexperiencesdivorce, separation, resettlement, emigration, deathor a changeofjob and hasdifficultieswithitcancallhim and askforhelp.

Zadkielis also knownforhelpingpeoplewiththeirmemories. Anyonewhohas lost ormisplacedsomethingcanrefreshtheirmemorywithZadkiel. And ifyouneedtoremember a longtextfor a lecture, youmade a goodchoicewiththisangel. Emotional injuriescan also behealedwithZadkiel. Withitshelp, badexperiencesfromthepastcanbeprocessed and completed.

WhenyouseeZadkiel, he appears in a purple light.

His tasks:

– Compassion, mercy, tolerance and forgiveness

– Healing on an emotional and physicallevel

– Strengthenmemory

– Track lost things

– reassessmentofthepast

– Life changes and crises


ArchangelZadkiel, pleasehelpmetohealmy emotional injury, toprocesspastexperiences and toforgivethosewhomakemesuffer.

9. Archangel Sandalphon

Sandalphonmeans: brother. Itsmaintaskisto carry human prayerstoGod and totransmittheanswerstopeople. His messagesareoftenperceivedas a whisper. He isoneofthefewangelswhooncelived a lifeas a human being. He can also puthimselfparticularlywell in the human needs and desires.

Whoevercallshimshouldpayattentiontoacousticsignals, becausetheycouldbe a messagefromhim. Music can also belongas such a sign. Thosewhowanttofulfilltheirdreams and wisheshavefound a valuableambassador and advisor in Sandalphon. Because he transmitsyourwishestoGod.

He also helpsustoseewhatourdeepestdesiresare.

And thosewhoarelookingfortheir dual soulhavethe expert at theirside in thisarchangel. Musicians and singerscanget support and inspirationfromSandalphon. It also has a healingeffect on the emotional level. Anyonewhostruggleswithblockagesorfearscanaskthemto release them and experiencehealing.

When you see Sandalphon, he appears in the color magenta.

His tasks:

– Send prayerstoGod

– Fulfillment ofdeepestdesires and dreams

– Perceive and allowfeelings

– Findyour dual soul

– Blockages whenmakingmusicorcomposing

– inspirationformusicians


ArchangelSandalphon, please bring myprayertoGod and helpmetoget an answerquickly. Send me a clearmessagethat I canunderstand and understand.

10. ArchangelJeremiel

Jeremielmeans: Grace ofGod. He isoneoftheimportantarchangels. His topicispropheticvisions and he helpsdeceasedsoulstolook back on life. But living people can also askforhelpiftheywanttoreflect on their own past. Is an inventoryoflifenecessary? ThencallJeremiel, he istheaccountantoflife, and shows you what positive changescanbemade. It also gives you an idea of ​​your future so thatyoucanactprudently.

As theangelofkarmaknowsyourtaskstobedone on earth. He isresponsibleforquestionsthatconcernyourkarma. Itensuresthatyourecognize and understandyourkarma. So youareabletocopebetterwithlifechanges. As a smallgift, thereare also inspirations on howyoucanbestshapeyourfuturelife.

But he is also helpfulto all thosewhoexperienceclairvoyantdreams and visions and arelookingforanswerstobeabletointerpretthem.

WhenyouseeJeremiel, heappears in a purple light.

His tasks:

– Clairvoyance and visions

– Life review and changes

– Karma tasks

– dreams and theirinterpretation

– Accompanythedeceasedsoul

– reflectionofthepast

– Inspirationsforthefuture


ArchangelJeremiel, pleasehelpmetoeliminatemyfearofexistence and showmehow I canchangemylifepositively. Show me a visionofmyfuture and givemehelpfulinspirationtobe happy.

Ifyouneedhelpinvoking an angel, youcanseekadvicefrom a spiritual counselor. A spiritual medium iswellsuitedforthis. Contactscanbefoundthrough a spiritual oresotericportal.

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