31 Signs that you are an Earth angel.

Earth angels are special angels that dwell on our planet for guiding us, for showing us the right way, for loving us, for caring of us. An earth angel is not the same as an angel coming to earth on a mission or willingly defying God, coming here in biological or pure photonic light form.


An earth angel may reside at church or holy places where ever they find peace and satisfaction. We human being often get confused as to how to know that who is an earth angel. We earth angels are the creature of god who are extremely empathic and caring towards people.

So here are few signs that will help you to know if you reside as an earth angel on this planet

  1. HAND OF SUPPORT- You always move your hand ahead for the fantastic support of persons in your life to your best. You endlessly provide your shoulder to others to cry on.
  2. HELP THROUGH IDEAS- You are an earth angel if you are always trying to help others by providing ideas, opportunities and solutions to their problems.
  3. AHEAD TOWARDS BETTERMENT- You are not satisfied with a little less and therefore always look for a better way to do something. You are always looking for the silver lining and the opportunity for learning.
  4. INDEPENDENT BEING-My dear reader, if you are so strong that you rarely need help of others because your motto is to give help to others rather than taking than you are absolutely an earth angel.
  5. WELCOMING HEART- You have a benevolent heart i.e. you accept everyone the way they are without any conditions or expectations. You are ready to accept those as well who may sound irritating to you.
  6. INSECURE ABOUT YOUR BONDING- If you feel insecure in the social bondings you hang about and fell as if someone is holding you back than you are an earth angel and thus you feel the need to make yourself free from this struggle.
  7. JEST OF INSPIRATION- You are the one who inspire others by your work and thus lift people up by granting them energy and spirit in all that they do.
  8. CANNOT RESIST WHEN OTHERS IN PAIN- If you are the one who move fastly to others when they are suffering through difficulties just because you cannot see them that way than you are a true earth angel.
  9. PEOPLE OPEN UP THEIR HEART- If people are ready to speak their heart to you regarding their fear, their emotions, their memories, than you are an Earth angel as you hold the qualities of listening to others.
  10. TEND TO FIND GOOD- You have a heart of gold if you always tend to find something whit in black, something good in bad, something better in worst and thus you represent to be an earth angel.

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SO, my dear reader are you convinced with the above signs so  far than be happy, I have the other signs for you in the line as well that will make your concept regarding earth angels crystal clear. They go ahead as-

11. SYMBOL OF POTENTIALITY- You are an earth angel if you find potential in every task, if you find possibilities in all the impossibilities. You have a mind that only thinks in term of possibility and potential.

12.LOST WHEN IN ANGER- Though you are a lovable creature but when anger subsides to your heart you feel to be lost in this world due to your extreme anger and thus to avoid conflict you turn your head and move back and away as far as possible.

13. MULTI TALENTED SKILLS- You are a body with hidden talents that are your incredible gifts to you like in the areas of writing, art, music and above all healing the emotions of others and satisfying them.

14. NOT GOOD ABOUT TIME-Not everyone can be perfect in everything and so if you lack about the way to deal and manage time, your responsibilities or your area of work than you are absolutely an earth angel.

15. TENSED ABOUT YOUR PRESENCE- Being so careful, still you always have a tension that you are a trouble and nuisance to your people and thus are bothering them by your presence so you are in frequency of apologizing to them always.

16. YOU AIM TO FLY- If you feel totally awkward as staying at a single place specially grounded than you are an earth angel because earth angels are not comfortable with their physical body specially when they have to be grounded.

17. HARD TO SEE OTHERS AWAY- It disturbs you, pains you when you see that your loved ones are  not connected with you or are slowly gradually moving away from you.

18. BEING DIAGNOSED- As children, earth angels have a tendency to be diagnosed with various cognitive disorder because of their lack of concern for their material world.

19.LIVE A MODERN LIFE- If you are more comfortable and sensitive to urban settlement and the reality of modern life than you are an earth angel.

20. OUT OF FOCUS- If you have the tendency and being lost in your own thoughts and dreams and thus our not paying attention to your surroundings than you are slightly to be an earth angel.

Is now your concept clear regarding being an earth angel? If not than do not panic here I set some other signs as well that will definitely help you to know the hidden earth angels inside you.

21. ADJUSTABLE-You are an earth angel if you are ready to settle down or to adjust in a group or with people you even do not know because of your cool and calm nature.

22. SEEK GOODNESS- If you do not run towards competing but towards the victory of everyone than you are a piece of earth angel because earth angels are not competitive in their personal or work life but wan to see everyone win.

23. DO NOT GRAB ATTENTION- You are not the one who tend to help other to seek attention but you are the one who is ready to lend without being seen and thus wish to work as an invisible force behind the scene.

24. HAVE A HIDDEN KID INSIDE YOU- You are an earth angel if you want to outshine as a different individual alienated from others and thus you are careful about your interest and behavior.

25. FEAR IN CROWD- If you feel tough and unimportant when you are a part of crowd because you are overwhelmed by the energy of so many people than you are an earth angel.

26.BEAUTY AMONGST ALL- Your presence, your attribute compels people to tell you that you seem to be younger than you actually are than you fulfill a sign of being an earth angel.

27.EXPRESSIVE TOWARDS YOU- The crowd ten to tell you everything about themselves you are unaware of their personal things than you truly represent the quality of an earth angel.

28. SENSE OF BELONGING- Though you grew up feeling than you cannot relate to your immediate family because you are born to help others therefore you feel a sense of belonging to others than you are an earth angel.

29.STRONG PURPOSE- Your aim, your purpose of existence is crystal clear no matter how much struggle you have to do to help, to work, to teach, you still stay strong because of your purpose so you are an earth angel.

30.LOVE SPREADING LOVE AND GUIDANCE- If you love the idea of freely spreading love,compassion and guidance than you are an earth angel.

31.ADDICTIVE TO FAMILY- If you have a history of addiction is your family than you are a earth angel.

Now, I am pretty much sure that I had been successful in letting my reader know the signs of being an earth angel and thus identifying them to their best fro  their surroundings.


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