In today’s era, no one would believe in superstition but there is some sort of population that still has faith in superstitions. 

For example, Friday the 13th or walking under a ladder are considered bad luck. Other belive that itchy palm and finding a horseshoe bring good luck.

Considering it, we can say there are endless ways of looking things. With that, we have got some beliefs that are originated from Scotland.

Scotland is full of heritage, culture and is famous for mountains, beaches, and food. But many superstitions are derived from Scotland. 

Some traditions still adhere in today’s era also.

Some superstitions sound very strange and weird.

Well, we will tell you more right here!

5 Scottish Superstitions That Are Originated From Scotland.

Let’s get started

Wheel Of Bad Luck 

Have you ever heard the expression ‘black sheep of the family?

Everyone has heard it right. Well, this expression comes from Scotland.

Famers in Scotland especially in north Scotland, it is believed that the birth of a black sheep in a flock is considered as bad luck for all the flock. If a sheep gave birth to twins and both baby sheep born with black faces, it shows that poor lambing season lies ahead for a farmer.

Now you can truly understand the meaning behind the expression ‘black sheep of family’

First Footing 

It is believed that on the new year or Hogmanay there is a saying ‘first foot’, one another, it means first into somebody’s else home. Scottish people believed that the first footer on Hogmanay has to bring gifts to the home which brings good luck.

Traditionally, the first footer should be tall and dark-haired. And, the first footer must have to come with bearing gifts like a silver coin, black bun, coal, salt, and whisky. It brings good luck and good fortune in the coming year.

It became a well-known tradition because of the incursion of the fair-haired Vikings in the 8th century.

Halloween Dookin’ Apples  

Did you guys know that the Halloween tradition has been invented in Scotland and the superstitions that are going on in the world is originated from Scotland only

The current Halloween celebration is grown from the ancient Celtic pagan holiday of Samhain. Dressing up is also known as gussing and was a technique to hide from the fairies and spirits, food sacrifices were offered.

There is a ritual of dookin’ apple in which children try to gather apples from a container of water with only their mouths that are made up to be a nod to the druids’ days. Apples were once thought to be a sacred fruit by the ancient druids.

Transformed With May Droplets 

In Scotland, there is a tradition that on May 1, all the ladies have to go to wash their faces in the morning dew. 

As it brings a stroke of luck accompanied by liveliness and prettiness for the rest of the life. It’s an old ritual that has been seen in Scotland for a long time.

 And, Ladies used to go to Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh for the ritual in the past. May dew is considered holy water. 

In today’s time also women rise early on May 1 to wash their faces, hoping for better luck and beauty. 

Shoes On Table: A Bad Luck 

Well, it’s common sense that we don’t have to put shoes on the table. But in Scottish culture, it is considered offensive as it brings bad luck in the house. 

This superstition is originated from a belief that claimed to have started in the colliers of northern England when a miner’s boots were placed on the table as a token of respect after he died.

After that, it is believed that placing your shoes on the table while still alive will bring death upon the family. 

And this superstation spread very fast in Scotland. 

Final verdict:

Well, old superstition are already in belief system of many people. We don’t know if these superstitions and beliefs are true or not but these customs are followed by many people and are followed for many years. 

Do you believe in superstitions? If yes, comment down below.

See you next time. 

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