5 Unconventional Ways to Connect with People Online

In a world where technology has meant that Earth is smaller than ever, it has never been easier to connect with your fellow man, no matter where they are in the world. Now we have high-speed, 24-hour connectivity, we also need new ways to retain that sense that human interaction. Extra efforts are being made to ensure that your online connections are meaningful and have the potential to enrich your life and make new friends. 

Indeed, if you want to spend your time in cyberspace in a way that is more conducive to forming meaningful connections and facilitating worthwhile interactions, then there are ways to do so. Read on to find out five unconventional ways to connect with people online.

1. Learn with Others

One proven way to forge meaningful connections is to learn something new with another person. Since the digital era is providing us with the tools for picking up a new skill in the comfort of our homes, take advantage of the opportunity to do so with others. Consider using social digital learning platforms such as the Open University or Khan Academy, or engage with forum communities dedicated to whatever it is you are trying to learn.

2. Play with Others

While learning is one way to connect with others, so is playing. There are near limitless options for you to have fun with people around the world and make new friends. You can focus on team-based strategy games such as Age of Empire or World of Warcraft. You could play more classic competitive games such as blackjack against total strangers from around the world. For example, William Hill, an online casino in Canada, allows an unlimited number of players to play a single game of blackjack against a real-life dealer in their Quantum Blackjack game. This is just one example of how one can easily take a more social approach to online gaming.

5 Unconventional Ways to Connect with People Online
5 Unconventional Ways to Connect with People Online

3. Help Others

There are few ways to connect with others that are more powerful than by helping them out. You can lend your knowledge and skills to those who need them via sites such as Udemy or JustAnswer. You can monitor advice forums to see if you have the expertise or experience to answer the burning questions of those in need of information or advice. You can simply dedicate your social media platforms to assisting others. All of this will help you to ensure that your digital engagements have the potential to be as meaningful and enriching as any of your ‘real-world’ engagements.

4. Commit to Something Bigger

Our time in this world is limited, and there is no bad time to commit yourself to something bigger. Thanks to the rapid development of online charity and philanthropy, it has never been easier to use your laptop to make the world a better place. You could start an online petition for an issue that you care deeply about. You can use Facebook to launch your own charity fundraiser. You could promote or donate to a Crowdfunder project that strikes a chord with you. The options are truly endless 5 Unconventional Ways to Connect with People Online. 

5. Get a Digital Pen Pal

Finally, you could use this time to focus on developing a deep, real connection with another person in a far-flung locale. There are several great websites where you can find a pen pal that you can really connect with. Compatipal allows you to search for online pen pals based on interests and compatibility. Wanderful is dedicated to connecting travelers and explorers from exotic corners of the globe. Postcrossing aims to connect writers with completely random pen pals that you know nothing about, with the expectation that each person makes the effort to get to know someone. All of these can help broaden your horizons and make lasting friendships.

With these simple tips, anyone can use their time online to enrich their lives, have memorable experiences, and make the world a better place.

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