6 Brown Throw Pillows to Balance, Unify, and Coordinate Your Interior Design

Brown throw pillows are very popular because brown is neutral and it blends with almost any interior décor. If you are looking for the right throw pillow to balance, unify, and coordinate your interior design, we have carefully selected some of the best brown pillows from which you can choose.

Our selection will not only blend into your décor but also add personality and color to your interior space. It will not look overbearing but fit seamlessly into your design, regardless of color choices. These brown throw pillows are unique because they come with stunning and highly attractive designs that will change the appearance of your space.

The Auspices of Horus Burnt Throw Pillow

The Auspices of Horus Burnt Throw Pillow is one of the most decorative brown pillows on our list. This brown cushion has a gorgeous design, and you would appreciate it more when you hold it in your hands. It has some ancient Egyptian inscriptions in the background that tells a lot of stories.

It also has a touch of silver, which makes it a highly versatile cushion. The cushion is handmade, and this greatly contributes to its durability. With its design and shape, you can use it in different parts of the home, including offices, cars, lounges, and more.

The larger sizes, which are 20 by 20 inches, would sit perfectly on black sofas, couches, and even beds. The medium size, measuring 18 by 18 inches, would go well on chairs and single-seat sofas. The fabric used to make this cushion is of high quality and would serve you for a long time.

Mantripmantrip IV Throw Pillow By Yantart Designs

If you love cushions with sophisticated designs, then this is the right option for you. The Mantripmantrip IV Throw Pillow has a very fine, complex design. The design pattern of this cushion is exceptional and it blends very well with white or brown couches.

It has multiple shades of brown with a touch of purple and blue. The design is printed on both sides of the cushion. This pillow is handmade with soft velvet polyester, which is a highly durable material. The cushion is machine washable and dryable.

The outdoor variant is made of polyester that can resist water and stain, which means you can leave it out in your garden patio or backyard. The indoor and outdoor variants are available in three different sizes.

Egyptian Glyphs Papyrus Throw Pillow

Next on the line, we have the Egyptian Glyphs Papyrus Throw Pillow. The cushion has some ancient Egyptian inscriptions all over it – both front and back. The texture of this cushion is smooth and soft. You can use it as a headrest because of how comfortable it is.

This cushion will add a finishing touch to your bed, sofa, chair, etc. It would also make a great addition to the décor of your office, lounge, and garden patio. It would add life and bring a pop of color to your space. The design and color of this cushion will not fade out, even when you use it outdoors (for the outdoor variant). It also gives you the freedom to choose the size you want.

Graphic V Throw Pillow

Popular for its simple, yet astonishing design, the Graphic V Throw Pillow is one of the most beautiful brown pillows on our list. By merely looking at it, you could see how soft and tender it is. One of the major selling points of this cushion is the high level of comfort it provides. You can relax on it, hold it, and even use it as a headrest.

In addition to being very comfortable, this cushion is durable. It is made with high-quality fabrics that can withstand everyday use and abuse. The pillow is also handmade, and you will not see any loose threads while using it.

It has a touch of white, and it fits seamlessly with different interior decors. This beautiful brown pillow also looks outstanding with bright colors such as orange or blue couch and sofa. It is designed to make your home look and feel beautiful and welcoming.

Pegasus Horseshoe Throw Pillow

If you are looking for something casual and fun that you can use on stools, bars, or the children’s room, then the Pegasus Horseshoe is the right throw pillow for you. You can also use this cushion in the living room, bedroom, office, lounge, car, patio, and more. It has a versatile design that is not selective.

It would also come in handy as a gift to your little cousins, nephews, and nieces. This cushion from the AllAboutVibe store is handmade, and they made it with the best quality fabric. The stitching is excellent and will not fall apart regardless of where and how you use it.

These brown throw pillows is available in both outdoor and indoor variants and three different sizes. Both variants are machine washable and dryable, and the outdoor pillow is designed to keep water and stain at bay, which makes it great for outdoor use.

Through the Keyhole Throw Pillow

The Through the Keyhole Throw Pillow features an amazing design. It has some of your favorite animation characters, including a cute, adorable cat. As the name implies, it has a through the keyhole view. This brown cushion has a great look that will enhance the look of your space.

It would make a great addition to the children’s room because of its awesome design. The image is printed on both sides of the pillow. Interestingly, regardless of how you use it, this pillow will not fade. The design will remain intact for as long as you have it. Made of soft velvet polyester (indoor variant) and 100 percent polyester (outdoor variant), these brown throw pillows are machine washable and dryable.


Our selection of brown pillows is ideal for use almost anywhere in the home, office, patio, car, lounge, and more. They are highly durable, comfortable, and relatively cheap. You can get more designs, colors, styles, vibes, and shapes of throw pillows on the AllAboutVibe store.

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