6 Tips To Keep Adult Stress and Anxiety Under Control

Anxiety and stress can have huge impacts on your life. In addition to making your everyday life more difficult, they can also lead to other health effects such as insomnia, headaches, chest pain and digestive issues. Getting some relief from your symptoms doesn’t always have to include medication. Here are six tips for self-soothing in a more natural way.

1. Supplements

A variety of natural supplements are available to help you reduce stress and anxiety, sleep better and become more focused. Many people also find great success when they add some CBD oil into their routine. Be sure to discuss your supplement plans with your physician, especially if you take other medications. 

2. Meditation

Practicing meditation can be an excellent way to reduce your overall stress level and help combat anxiety. It can help you reach a tranquil state of mind and relax more deeply. Often those who suffer from extreme anxiety deal with intrusive thoughts and issues focusing. Meditation can help you learn to calm your mind and your body so you can think more clearly.

You can also improve your physical health by identifying where you hold tension in your body and working to relax those areas. For some people, meditation can even help reduce age-related memory loss, lengthen attention span, help fight addiction and inspire a kinder demeanor.

3. Aromatherapy

Studies have shown that aromatherapy can reduce levels of stress hormones, alter brain waves and behavior and help one relax and sleep better. There are a variety of ways to easily bring these benefits into your life. Simply lighting some scented candles can help you get calm and refocused after a long day. If you don’t like having a candle burning that you may forget about, try a diffuser that evaporates essential oils, filling the air with healing scents.

Body lotions or a few drops of essential oil on your pulse points can help you relax without affecting those around you. Combine some aromatherapy with another relaxation technique such as massage or meditation and you’ll get even better effects.

4. Distractions

For some people, distracting themselves from their anxious thoughts and stress can be very effective. Watch a favorite comedy show, go to a movie, play video games, read an engaging book or make plans with a good friend to help you reset your feelings. If you have time and available funds, a relaxing vacation can go a long way toward relieving your symptoms. Or begin a regular workout routine, which can help you create a healthier body and a healthier mindset.

5. Massage

Massage therapy can help you to relax the tension in your body so you can feel calmer and experience fewer aches and pains. Whenever you experience long-term stress your muscles may learn to stay slightly tensed all the time. This can be relieved with regular deep-tissue massage which stretches and spreads out the muscle fibers. Once your muscles are loosened, they can move more easily.

You’ll experience a greater range of motion, improved circulation and higher energy. Studies have shown that massage can even reduce heart rate and blood pressure.

6. Write

Writing can be a great natural stress-reliever. Regular journaling can help you get your emotions and thoughts down on paper and allow you to release them. Write about specifically what you are feeling and any events that have affected your mood. You can also write about what makes you happy to help boost your mood.

Think about memories that make you smile, relaxing vacations you’ve taken, personal relationships you enjoy or funny things your pets have done. Writing about all of these things can help you process your emotions and focus on the positive.

Natural techniques of self-care may not take care of all of the stress in your life, but most people can still benefit from them. Try out these tips to help you feel more relaxed, in control and ready to face everyday life stress.

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