9 Reasons Why We Need To Protect PDF Files

One of the real reasons most of us use PDF files is that it offers a high-security level. Yet, this powerful benefit is amazingly underutilized as many users are not aware that its security features go beyond standard word processors. The list includes encryption, password protection (PKI), digital rights management (DRM) controls, and copy protection.

With those four functions, full control of the PDF file may be achieved. You can permit the use of other functions like printing, editing, copying, viewing, commenting, form filling, signing, and more. You can even redact sensitive data, avoiding uninvited parties from viewing them. With that, let’s get into some of the reasons why we need to protect pdf files.

1. Compliance with Adobe terms

This is the real deal why we need to protect PDF files. Everyone dealing with citizens’ private information has to comply with their country’s data privacy laws, and PDF can safeguard these data adequately, lest they will be fined or worse jailed. So take a step further, get online now, and start protecting your pdf files. We recommend you check GogoPDF.

2. Intellectual Property Protection 

Copy protection, encryption, redaction, and DRM all come in when protecting intellectual properties stored as PDFs. If you genuinely value your trade secrets, internal processes, and more, you need to be securing your PDF Files where those assets are kept, or you may suffer from identity theft or loss of income. Protecting PDFs will adequately secure you.

3. Avoid Unwanted PDF Distribution  

As e-books became popular, PDF files became commonly used within the publishing industry, but only a few in the industry took action to secure their files. That can become leaked files and books designated for publication, read and accessed before they get publicized. If your book leaked, and can easily be downloaded without paying, then you can expect losses.

4. Control Who Views PDF Content

Some files need to be both widely disseminated but contain sensitive info that only a few, whose role or the position has the authority to see. These usually happen to government agencies and big corporations. In these cases, PDF files are the go-to text platforms. In addition to the comfort of storage and access, secured PDF can redact confidential info.

5. Stop Unwanted PDF Sharing

One of the benefits of saving a file as a PDF is minimizing its file size, giving you the ease of sharing them. Unfortunately, this can also be cautious as it can be a significant issue when confidential data leaked accidentally. Thanks to PDFs copy protection and DRM features, this anxiety is becoming less of an issue.

Stop Unwanted PDF PrintingThink about it, a PDF could easily be printed, and the protections put in place for sharing was quickly bypassed. But that’s an issue of the past. Thanks to modern DRM, similar to PDF sharing, PDFs printing ability can be disabled, and you’re good to go. Don’t waste time. Protect pdf files at hand and prevent distribution issues from happening with you.

7. Avoid Copying and Pasting from PDF

If there is a need to restrict the capability to copy and paste a file’s contents, only the DRM security feature of PDF can easily accomplish it. The DRM can enable only specific individuals to copy PDF file contents, while others are entirely prevented. It is one of the other powerful benefits of using PDF files over other methods.

Avoid Screenshots and Photos of PDF

Another way of the unwanted distribution of information and data is through taking screenshots, and your PDF files are not excused from that. Prevent that from happening by putting individualized watermarks on each of your files and allow you to trace back any leaks. It is one of the best ways to prevent a viewer from taking a screenshot and circulate your file.

9.  Avoid the Saving of a PDF File

We need to secure PDF documents to prevent viewers from saving them, make them as their files, and worst distribute them. It is also another way others can breach or steal private and confidential data. By keeping PDF documents saved only on a security-hardened central server, you reduce how others could breach your cyber defenses.


There are so many reasons why there is a need to protect pdf files. Those listed above are just a few. What matters is that we take action. We can utilize an online pdf protection toolbox that aims to protect us, users, from potential significant problems. And when it comes to protection, we can’t wait for tomorrow. Take action now. 5tyu5

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