9 Things to Know Before Dating a Firefighter

Firefighters aren’t your standard dating type, and there’s quite a lot to expect when you start building a relationship with one. It can be challenging to adapt to your partner, but if you manage, you may get a few perks. Here’s what you should know if your new date is a firefighter 9 Things to Know Before Dating a Firefighter.

1. They’ll be tired almost all the time

The job of a firefighter is unpredictable and crazy, with all its late-night calls and exhausting shifts. Sometimes, after working the whole day, they have to be out all night too. Don’t get mad if your partner says no when you ask them out. You have to deal with that.

On the bright side, firefighters don’t have time for cheating. They have better things to do, rather than have flings and meet women on j4l.com, Badoo, or some dating app.

2. There’s no point in planning something when they’re out on a call

Depending on the severity of the situation, calls may take a lot of time. Something that’s supposed to take ten minutes ends up taking a few hours. You can never predict what will happen during a call or when your partner returns home. Speaking of calls…

3. You never know when their duty may call

A fire pager will put an end to whatever you’re doing at the moment. You may be in the middle of a family dinner, introducing your partner to the parents or doing shopping – they’ll have to leave. Soon, you’ll start hating this small plastic box for ruining your personal life.

9 Things to Know Before Dating a Firefighter
9 Things to Know Before Dating a Firefighter

4. You’ll be seeing their co-workers more often than you’d like

Firefighters are like a large but close-knit family. So once you start living together with one, consider moving to a spacious apartment and buying a few extra chairs because you’ll be hosting regular meetups. Be ready to hear a few embarrassing stories about your partner, whether you like it or not.

And the faster you learn to cope with a battalion of firefighters at home, the better. No one asks you to like them, but you’ll probably love them. After all, they’re people who look after your partner when they’re not with you.

5. You won’t have to deal with house chores on your own

Here’s a difference between firefighters and, say, paramedics – their shifts start with housework. They clean toilets and kitchen, mop up floors, take care of vehicles, and so on. This habit easily continues at home, so you’ll get a helping hand if needed.

6. Forget about Christmas

For firefighters, December 25 isn’t a special day. And while there’s a chance your partner will have a day off on Christmas, you’ll probably have to spend the holiday without them.

Besides, firefighters have 24-hour shifts, so if your loved one works on December 24, they won’t be home by Christmas morning. But it’s not only Christmas you may have to skip or reschedule – the same goes basically for any anniversary, birthday, or special occasion.

7. They’ll never skip meeting nights

You may try to come up with any reason for your partner to stay with you, but none of them will work because meetings aren’t optional. If it’s scheduled, it will happen, and it’s a battle you can’t win. You only risk starting a quarrel.

8. Fire engines and rescue vehicles will make you nervous all the time

It’s no secret that firefighter is a dangerous job, and the longer you have to deal with it, the more reflexes you’ll develop. For instance, you’ll start feeling scared for your partner every time you hear a siren. It’s natural to worry about our loved ones, but you have to understand that their way of life will never change.

9. You’ll have tons of station shirts in your closet

No one will ask you if you like station shirts – you’ll just start to notice dozens of them appearing in your closet over time.

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