A selection of powerful good luck symbols

Sometimes, luck isn’t on our side. It just happens. Despite identifying with spirit animals and believing in cosmic energy, some people are always assessing ways in which they make their own luck. One option is to incorporate some good luck symbols into their lives, with people from around the world turning to some well-known lucky symbols over the years.

Symbols have always been prominent in society anyway. The peace sign was originally designed as a campaign logo for the anti-nuclear movement before being adopted by peace groups and hippies, there are even Irish-themed games with symbols of luck like horseshoes and shamrocks, while the heart symbol that is tattooed on bodies and worn on designer clothing is a sign of romantic love for millions of people. Symbols have withstood the test of time and can be found on numerous modern-day items that we know and love.

In terms of increasing our own luck, there are a range of powerful good luck symbols that are believed to bring success to our lives. Depending on where you are in the world, these lucky offerings come with different meanings and are apparently capable of bringing some favorable outcomes your way. So, with that in mind, below is a look at some powerful good luck symbols.

Four-leaf clovers are synonymous with Ireland

If you’re familiar with Ireland and Irish culture, then you’ve probably seen a four-leaf clover before. Extremely prominent in the Western world, these stunning symbols also have a rather interesting meaning thatdates back to the times of the Celtics. Each leaf on the clover is said to come with an individual meaning, resulting in a powerful symbol that is said to provide faith, hope, love, and the required luck some people are after.

Red envelopes represent luck in China

In China and many other East and Southeast Asian countries, red envelopes are heavily featured in wedding ceremonies, while their distinctive red color is also a color of protection and vitality in the world’s second-most-populous country. As a result of this, red envelopes have a powerful meaning and are, therefore, liked by millions in their quest for good fortune.

Elephants are considered lucky in many countries

The largest living land animals that people around the world adore, elephants are delightful animals. In India and many other nations on Earth, Ganesha, the God of beginnings that has a distinctive elephant head, is considered to be extremely lucky. As such, people fill their spaces with elephants, be it paintings, ornaments, photographs, and loads more.

Oranges are another popular good luck symbol from China

The Chinese, in particular, adopt a number of symbols that are associated with good luck. While red envelopes hold a powerful meaning to many, other people in the country tend to opt for oranges. Oranges are said to represent the energy of the sun, while also being similar in shape to coins. As a result of this, they can bring wealth and prosperity to people.

Pigs are a symbol of good fortune

If you prefer smart and cuddly pigs over massive, dinosaur-like elephants, then you’ll potentially reap the rewards from adding some pig-related stuff to your various spaces. People in China and Germany have been doing it for centuries, with pigs being known as a symbol of prosperity and good fortune in a lot of cultures. For example, in the New Year, people are given pig trinkets in order to bring good luck and happiness to their lives.

Other powerful good luck symbols from around the world includes dragons (China), conch shells (India and China), Om (India), lucky bamboo (China), and Kirtimukhas (India).

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