Basketball Betting on a Budget: Our Best Money-Saving Tips

If you like basketball and sports betting, this post will give you a hand to be more efficient. You will get the greatest basketball betting tips from this post so that you save your time and know-how to create strategies that will help you improve the results of your real money bets.

How to bet on basketball

Basketball has some peculiarities when it comes to basketball betting that other sports do not have. The information prior to the game seems essential to determine if the quota is worthwhile or if it is preferable to wait for events to determine whether or not to enter.

On some occasions, whether or not a certain player plays will cause a turnaround in the betting odds. What was previously a good bet becomes not valuable and vice versa. That is why we have thought of you to leave you, from our point of view, the best tips for basketball betting.

When do I have to look up basketball betting information?

It is necessary to emphasize here that basketball is a team sport. The closer the match gets to be played, the closer you will be to knowing if your bet has value. This is why we recommend that you visit the marketplaces on the day of the match. This way, you’ll be able to view every available bargain, and it’ll be entirely up to you if you want to find out about last-minute changes, cancellations, rotations, or breaks.

We explain it below.

Rotations and breaks

Especially in the game-heavy NBA markets, this data has tremendous value. Knowing if the coach gives rest to a key player can make the game change ultimately.

For example, suppose a player with great rebounding capacity and decisive in his team will leave his position to another player with a different profile. In that case, it can vary decisively in that the score received by the team increases, taking as a reference the average of the season.

Another case to take into account, much less predictable, occurs in live basketball betting when we know that a coach who sees the game on track at the end of the first period decides to play with his second unit prioritizing the rest of the important players. In this way, if we know how to anticipate the behavior of teams prone to this strategy, we can choose to bet in favor of the team that is losing.  Playing in your turn in the last quarter of a game or even in the second half can be a very profitable strategy.

Last-minute drops

Prior to the official announcement of the starting lineup, anticipating the bookmakers’ remarks might be a critical point of difference. When this information becomes public, and all bookmakers have reflected the significance of a key player’s last-minute cancellation, the betting odds might shift in a way that causes the bet to lose value. 

As a result, quickness is critical if you want to get a lucrative quota. Time is money, and if you take a few minutes, your bet’s estimated value may decrease.

What are the “Totals” and “Handicap” lines?

Typically, the bookmaker establishes a line on which you may wager “more” or “less.” For example, in the NBA playoffs in the fourth game in Houston between the Rockets and Golden State, you will be able to bet that there is “plus or minus 220.5 points” or that there is a “Handicap +1.5 points »For the Warriors or against the Houston Rockets. That is, a single line is set for you to adhere to construct your projection.

However, you will have a greater ability to change and manage your predictions. In this particular example, the Handicap line runs from +8 for Rockets to -5.5. That is, you will be able to handle a 13.5-point range to measure your risk and adjust the bet as you wish.

Basketball betting totals

The “Totals” market refers to the total number of points in a match. Bookmakers take statistics like these into account to set their scoring line:

  • Average of points scored and received.
  • Score history between both sets.
  • Number of shots to the basketball per team.
  • Possessions and completions of the teams that face.

If you don’t want to gamble your stake at 50%, go through the online betting options of bookmakers “Totals” markets and decide whether to risk less with a wider scoring margin or play a higher odds at higher risk.

Handicaps in basketball betting

The “Handicap” is the advantage or disadvantage given to a certain team with a series of points. For example, playing in favor of a team with a “Handicap of -10.5 points” will make your bet win only if your team wins by 11 or more points.

In the same way, a “Handicap of +10.5 points” for the underdog will mean that your bet will be a winner even if your team loses up to a difference of ten points maximum.

It is very important to adjust the handicap line to avoid unnecessary risks and not play it only at a pre-established amount.

Why can the fees vary so much throughout the day?

If you think of a collective sport such as football, logically, a significant drop can cause a change in quotas. For example, in the Champions League tie between Liverpool and Barcelona, ​​the losses of Salah and Firmino are so sensitive that the decrease in the attacking plot will surely change the price of the bet. Liverpool is less likely to score goals without two of their top three offensive figures.

In basketball, the loss of a great player has an even greater incidence. There are players who get more than 30% of their team’s points on average. This incidence will force the quota to be modified downwards.

Is our statistics so important in basketball?

Absolutely yes. The statistical factor differs a lot from sports like soccer. How many times do you read the percentage of possession data in football? It is proven that a team with 30% possession compared to an opponent with 70% does not have to have fewer attacking options in the area.

However, in basketball, the percentages of shooting from the field are much more stable. Normally, the one who hits the most to the basketball is the one who completes the most attacks successfully and, consequently, has a better chance of winning.

Finally, we leave you other points to take into account as tips to bet and that your basketball predictions are increasingly accurate:

What is back-to-back in basketball?

In the NBA, the statistics of the «Back to back» is fundamental. Or what is the same, the teams’ performance when they play two (or more) games in a row without a break between days?

It is very important to make your NBA predictions to consider those teams that accumulate load from consecutive games without a break. The teams, but those who are given rest, think more about future dates (such as the playoffs) and thus see their performance in this particular casuistry typical of the NBA.

Closing Notes on Basketball Betting

Defensive individual data such as the number of blocks or steals help to know the teams with the best defensive numbers. With this, one can get used to the idea of ​​the embedded points to know if the lines are too high to overcome them.

There are teams that have substitute players with a higher level than the starters. For example, this season has been with the Los Angeles Clippers. These data serve to focus the basketball betting from the second quarter when they begin to play more minutes on the court.

You can bet on individual statistics (number of points, rebounds or assists of a certain player). They are a very valid option if we study the defender that the player I want to bet on will have in front of.

There are times when the underdog odds are so high that it is worth taking that risk, even if the bet is not right. Those odds are almost impossible to hit continuously, but a positive return can be achieved in the long run.

So far, the best tips for basketball betting. Sure, you have your strategy, and you can complement it.

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