Color Rush: Vibrant Colored Plants That Are Perfect to Grow in Your Garden

A life without any color is boring and lacks excitement. This goes the same with the environment. A place with no color would feel abandoned and dull. But what’s a better way to color your environment through planting plants? Plants are highly beneficial to the environment, humans, and animals as this is also the primary food source of most organisms. It could help improve one’s mood and beautify any place. 

With each plant’s unique, vibrant colors blooming from season to season, you’ll get the perfect flower to plant to help add color into your life that’s suitable too in your location in no time. Thus, stated here below are vibrant colored flowers you may consider in planting in your garden.

Fuchsia Plants 

Fuchsia plants are one of the most vibrant colored flowers out there. Also, the vibrant blooms of fuchsia symbolize a confiding love, amiability, and elegance; this is also why most people adore fuchsia plants. They are not single-colored, but they range from magenta, pink, red, purple, and white.

This beautiful flowering plant has no part that could be poisonous or pose any harm to human health. Not to mention, it’s non-toxic to most animals like horses, dogs, and cats. So, it’s safe to have one at home, even if you have beloved pets. 

Growing fuchsia plants are easy. They’d grow better when they receive full sun exposure, but they would appreciate partial shade during the hottest time of the day. Also, for them to produce more flowers, take into consideration having moist but well-drained soil. 


Lavender plants are not only good to look at, but they are also good for relaxation. This is also why many products in the market sell essential oils with lavender, as they are perfect in treating sore muscles and helping humans have a better sleep at night. Its colors include blue, violet, white, and a vast range of purples. 

Also, lavenders are one of the most colorful and fragrant herbs that you could ever grow. Also, growing some lavenders in your garden is easy and very rewarding. They could be grown in pots, garden beds, or in a 12-inch container. Additionally, to successfully grow them, they would need to have well-drained soil and be exposed to full sun. Learn More about growing lavenders when you visit online sources. 

Sweet Peas 

From the given name itself, sweet peas are flowers that have a sweet fragrance when they bloom, usually during springtime. In this case, you could put it in somewhere you want to be greeted with a fresh sweet scent-preferably in the entrance of your garden

n or in your doorways. 

Sweet peas could reach a height of 3 feet tall if it’s taken properly care of. But, there’s no worry about growing it as this plant is beautiful and low maintenance. The important thing you must take strict note of when growing them is to put them on the ground and take advantage of the breeze of the cool spring weather. 

If you wish to grow sweet peas from seeds, opt to have larger seeds to plant. Larger seeds are known to be easier to manage, and they germinate readily. They also rarely need watering. But, keeping the soil moist throughout its growing season is a must, and they are not sun-loving, so make sure to water them during the hot times in summer. 


Violas are grown as an annual and are frost-tolerant. So, if you live in an area where there is a cold winter season, growing them would not be a problem. They are tough enough to survive snow and even produce flowers, although they might look dainty and delicate. 

Also, viola plants could grow and reach the height of eight inches tall, and their free-flowering habit makes them suitable to be grown in container gardening. Additionally, their mix of festival colors is eye-catching, including white, lilac, yellow, orange, and purple. 

Growing violas from seed could not be a hard task. They enjoy self-seeding all over the garden, but they may have a hard time blooming until late in the season during cold climates. And a quick tip in caring for them is to avoid getting them dry because the hot weather could cause their blooms to fade and eventually die. 

Jolt Pink Dianthus 

If you opt to have a large, brightly colored flower in your garden, then you could never go wrong with a Jolt Pink Dianthus plant. This plant is known to be heat-tolerant and has beautiful and long-lasting hot pink colored flowers with a dark pink venation. 

The blooms of a Jolt Pink Dianthus offer a fragrance somehow similar to cloves with a hint of a spicy-sweet floral scent. Moreover, this plant is not hard to grow and low maintenance and would be a great choice to be placed in pathways, mixed containers, and borders. 


Adding color to your landscape wouldn’t be that hard if you know which ones you’d plant. Listed above are plants that you may want to incorporate in your yard. They are colorful and could help brighten up the landscapes of your home or put some accents in certain parts of your area. You could consider gardening if you want to liven up a place or start a new hobby. 

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