Country of Fashion: Top 5 Watch Brands in China

China is one of the largest manufacturers in the world when it comes to different products made by their creative ideas, including watches. During the 1955 epoch, they began to produce and create watches Country of Fashion. However, it was based on Swiss designs. After 15 years in the industry, they started to build their own original watch designs. And, after ten years of their success, they were able to produce 30 million of mechanical timepieces a year. Check out these top watch brands you can find in the country. 


Oris watches continuously and is still making a name in the watch industry since 1904. There will always be something for everyone when we talk about this product when it was established in Holstein in Switzerland, for they only create mechanical watches. Also, nowadays, the brand keeps on creating incredible, capacity, and manly wristwatches that hold a conventional Swiss automated center, something demonstrated by the brand’s mark red rotor. 

You can have confidence that each watch is made with the most elevated characteristics and most ideal development. From their dive watch assortment to their avionics watches, it is something that you need to consider in picking watches.


Tianjin Sea-Gull Watch Group is considered one of the “big “trees” that dominates and marks the history of the watch world in China during the early factories established in the 1950s. This company was the first to release a watch with an entirely Chinese design. Also, there are a lot of unique and iconic images of Sea-Gull watches. 

From the start, their timepieces were just worn by the People’s Liberation Air Force pilots, until 1400 Chinese Air Force pilots later utilized it in 1963. It is a must to look and try in one of the top watches made by Chinese brands watches for anyone interested in this product.


The Beijing brand is one of the lists of the “big tree.” It is one of the original Chinese manufacturers. This brand is produced in the Beijing watch factory that is known for its iconic and recognizable Tiananmen logo. Amidst in the very intense race in the market, they still placed themselves as one of the premier manufacturers in their country, and it is something that you should try on with its remarkable right product in the watch industries.


To complete the “big tree,” last on the list, is the Shanghai brand of Shanghai Watch Factory. It has been kicking the market since 1958, producing good quality watch products. Classic dress watches subjugate most of its collection Country of Fashion. In addition, they even released a first divers watch for the military as a remake of what Sea-Gull company made the first watch for the Air Force. It is also one of the top brand watches in China that needs to be considered due to its good qualities and remarkable success in the industry.


FIYTA was Established in 1987 and had been concentrating on the old and inventive industry of watches since its origin. Also, FIYTA has become the leading brand of Chinese watches and has step by step, become a global watch dynamic around the globe after over 30 years of advancement Country of Fashion. 

FIYTA has just entered the International Brand Pavilion of Hall 1 of the Basel Watch Fair in 2011, turning into the leading global watch brand from China. At the current year’s Pakistan Exhibition, FIYTA propelled the extraordinary arrangement of finely created watches, “Xingyu Walk,” which pulled in consideration everywhere throughout the world.


These are only some of the top watch brands in China that are continuously making and building their own names in the industry for quite some time now. Mechanical timepieces had been part of our lives from our lifestyle, Country of Fashion, or use as a present to anyone. It only proved that its relevance never gets old even though these watches had used the materials might get broken in the long run, but its usefulness and purpose remains. 

Also, with the help of newly invented watch machines combined with the great ideas of the watchmakers, our future wristwatches will be more exciting and beautiful to look forward to. Since humans are incessantly creating designs with an impact on human lives accompanied by time.

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