Dealing With The Loss Of A Pet: Finding Your Light In The Darkness

One of the most painful moments in life is losing one’s pet. Be it a dog, a cat, or otherwise, our pets can become as close to us as children, and losing them it a major traumatic event. Grief has seven stages, and it takes a long time to really be okay with this loss Dealing With The Loss Of A Pet.

There are support groups and professionals who are there to help us, but ultimately it falls to us to decide the best way to move forward. Be it posting on social media like Katy Perry when she lost her cat Kitty Purry earlier this year or keeping to yourself, different people have different ways to grieve.

If you have recently lost a pet and are looking for help on how to move forward, maybe this article will give you a few ideas.

Talk To A Priest

A priest has a lot of experience in dealing with parishioners who have lost loved ones. It is not uncommon to speak to your local priest on a weekly or more frequent basis to help you manage your grief.

Don’t be scared or ashamed to reach out to your local priest, because even though some people don’t understand the extent of involvement pet animals has in our lives, your priest is not there to judge.

He is there to listen and to offer his condolences. He might be able to guide you to specific passages in the bible that will help you see the light in the darkness.

Speaking to a priest will also help you get out of the house and be surrounded by your community in the church, something that people who have lost loved ones struggle with.

Dealing With The Loss Of A Pet: Finding Your Light In The Darkness
Dealing With The Loss Of A Pets

Talk To A Psychic

Reaching out to a pet psychic is not an uncommon thing to do. There are many alist of best pet psychics online that will direct you to a reputable source. Psychics will help you speak to your dog from beyond the grave, and let you know how well he or she is doing. They can lay to rest your fears of your beloved dog or cat feeling alone or scared.

A psychic animal communicator is perfect for those who want to let their companion animals know for one last time that they are loved and missed Dealing With The Loss Of A Pet.

A pet psychic would talk directly to the spirit of your pet and let you know how he or she is feeling and where he or she is, and let them go if you are holding on to them too strongly. Animal communication is a tricky business, and you should choose reliable people to consult.

A proper animal communicator will be able to tell you details about your pet, like their personality and likes and dislikes. Be aware of charlatans trying to take advantage of you at this vulnerable time.

Make A Donation In Your Animal’s Name

Shelters and animal welfare organizations are always in need of supplies. As someone whose pet has crossed the rainbow bridge, you could have a lot of things that you don’t need anymore. Your dog could provide some basic comforts to another dog from the great dog park in the sky.

You could donate blankets, bowls, leashes, collars, and toys to your local animal rescue organization or animal shelter. This way, you and your best friend could offer a small kindness to an animal that is alive and needs it.

Organize A Fundraiser In His or Her Memory

One of the best ways to move forward and share the love you had for your pet with the rest of the world is to organize a fundraiser for your chosen animal organization. You could bake paw-shaped cookies or dog-friendly cakes and sell them, with all profits being sent to animals in need.

You could ask your friends or other interested people to join in and also bake or cook for the event. This way, you would be paying forward the love you got from your pet and raising awareness for other pets in need.

You could donate the money in the name of your pet, and regard it as his or her last gift before leaving for a better place, immortalizing your pet’s kindness and generosity, and love.

Animals come into this world with so much love, and it feels like the air has been sucked out of our lungs when they leave a giant pet-sized hole in our hearts. It is important to focus on the good times and happy memories that you’ve made with your pet.

They will always be in your hearts, and with you in spirit Dealing With The Loss Of A Pet. The lessons they teach never leave us, and we will always carry a small part of them in our hearts.

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