Dreaming about Turtles? Here’s what does it means

Since ancient times people have linked belief symbols to some of the other omens. These omens can be both good as well as bad. This practice by humans is continued till date. Have you ever experienced getting up perplexed as to what does the dream you saw last night signifies? To your surprise, it is quite natural to have such thoughts as to what a particular dream means because each and every dream interprets and signifies something.

Out of all the symbols, have you ever ended up dreaming about turtles? Do you, like many other people out there want to know that what does it mean when you dream about turtles? Then, my friend, you are on the right page! Read on to know what does a turtle in a dream signifies and what spiritual and personal association does it has with you.

Often regarded as an intelligent animal a turtle symbolizes happiness and long life as turtles can live for thousands of years. Hence, if you dream about a turtle in one form or the other it is a good sign. Dreams of turtles can be an indication of many things and let us discuss them one by one.

Turtles Dream Meaning

Dreaming about Turtles? Here’s what does it means

If you are a reserved person than dreaming about a turtle depicts your closed and reserved personality. A person who resists certain important changes in life and has difficulties in opening up to other people often ends up dreaming about turtles.In such a case, seeing a dream symbol turtle suggests you be more open to your surroundings. Dreams of turtles also indicate that you need to stay patient in the periods of slow progress and accept what is happening in your life.

It can also be an indication not to rush for a particular thing that you want should happen in your life. Turtles are slow-moving creatures. Dream interpretation turtle also suggests that you should pay attention to the minute details of life and always keep on striving and moving forward no matter what the situation is. Dreams about turtle also indicate that you should be ready to take risks in life especially in regards to your love life and accept new possibilities with an open heart.

It also indicates that it is time for you to take a stand for yourself if your feelings are being hurt and suggest to be strong. Apart from all these, dreaming of a turtle also indicates that there might be new opportunities coming your way and you need to be alert in life so that you don’t end up missing those opportunities. Apart from all the good things, a dream about turtles also indicates fear or some dangerous situation which might not be directly related to you but can have an impact on your personal life.Turtles are also a symbol of fertility and hence, pregnant women often dream about turtles. Let us discuss some of the most commons dreams with turtles in them and what is their meaning and interpretation.

Dream Interpretation- Turtle in Dreams and their meanings

Some of the common dreams you encounter with turtles in them with their meaning and interpretations are as follows:

  1. Dreaming of a turtle in general: A general dream with turtles in it is an indication of joy, happiness, wisdom, and longevity. It is also an indication of something good happening with you in the coming future. It signifies a period of positive changes where you can overcome and deal with the problems you have been facing for some time now. However, a general dream about a turtle can also indicate that you need to practice the virtue of patience in all the relations of your life that are close to your heart and hold unique importance.
  2. Dream of a turtle chasing you: If you wake up from the dream of a turtle chasing you then you should be wise enough to understand what it means. A turtle chasing you signifies that you lack the courage to face your difficulties and responsibilities. It is a warning for you to take hold of your problems, the deadlines to be met or any other problem as avoiding them will only make situations much worse and unfavorable. It indicates that it is now high time to give up your reluctance and become strong and responsible.
  3. Dream of a moving turtle: If you witness a turtle moving at a slow speed in your dream, it again is a bad sign.It dream dictionary turtles moving indicates that you might suffer some illness or a feeling of being unwell in the coming times.It also indicates that you are becoming quite thoughtless which is, in turn, forcing people to move away from you.A moving turtle signifies that it’s time for you to control your anger else you might end up being left alone and isolated by people surrounding you.
  4. Dream of catching a turtle: If you dream of catching a turtle it indicates that you are about to get involved in a conflict with someone and will surely be victorious in it. It, however, warns you to be cautious and not to be proud of your victory.
  5. A turtle moving away: If you dream of a turtle moving away from you it indicates hard times of emotional vulnerability. This dream is a bad omen and indicated the end of a loving relationship. You won’t be able to do anything to keep the relationship intact and hence will be left emotionally hurt as the person you love will end up leaving you in the coming future.
  6. Touching a turtle in a dream: A dream about touching a turtle has two different interpretations. On the one hand, it signifies and symbolizes pleasure which you are about to experience in the future. On the other hand, it indicates that you need to change your thinking and attitude towards something taking place in your life.
  7. Dream about an injured turtle: An injured turtle in your dream signifies disappointment or doubt regarding something that happened lately in your life. This disappointment in life has left you feeling insecure and frustrated about things that are happening and you are looking for someone to help you out of the situation.
  8. Dream meaning turtles being hostile: If you are angry and frustrated about something in your personal life, then you end up dreaming about an aggressive or a hostile turtle. A hostile turtle also indicates that you are afraid of the changes that are about to take place in your life in the near future.
  9. Sea Turtle dream: A dream featuring a sea turtle also has two different interpretations as per the dream dictionary. On one part, it indicates that you don’t want anybody to partner in your business and want to be your own boss. You don’t want people to point out your mistakes and criticize you. On the other part, a sea turtle signifies your confusion regarding your own emotions. It shows that you are very much careful in expressing your emotions.
  10. Dream of a turtle biting you: Dreaming of a turtle biting you is a warning sign and indicates that a person whom you trust is going to betray you soon. It indicates that the person you trusted will lose their patience and will end up backstabbing you. It can also be possible that it is you who has given way to this betrayal by provoking the other person.
  11. Snapping turtle in your dream: Snapping a turtle in your dream is a warning sign from the universe to you which indicates that you need to be kind towards people out there. It indicates that you are a selfish person who doesn’t do anything for others and need to change this trait of yours.
  12. Dream of a turtle’s shell: There are different ways in which you can see a turtle’s shell in your dreams and each has a different interpretation. If in your dream, the turtle was inside its shell it means that you are looking for protection from the outside world and don’t want to come out of your comfort zone. It indicates that you are afraid of facing reality.If there was no shell on the turtle in your dream, it signifies that you have opened up yourself to the world which has in turn left you feeling vulnerable. If the shell of the turtle in your dream was broken, it signifies betrayal from the person you had trusted the most in your life. However, an empty shell of the turtle in your dream, on the other hand, signifies your mind is accepting intellectual challenges from the outside world. It signifies that you need to take up some hobby that interests you. An empty shell also indicates that you are feeling withdrawn.
  13. Turtle swimming in muddy water in your dream: A turtle swimming in dark, dirty muddy water in your dream indicates an obstacle that you will encounter soon in your life. Also, turtles living in damp places in your dream signifies anger and jealousy from people towards you.
  14. Dream of a dead turtle: If the turtle in your dream is dead, it indicates that you are not socially active and that you need to open up more among people in your surroundings.
  15. Dream has a lot of turtles: If in your dream you witness a lot of turtles then it surely is a good omen. A group of turtle in your dream indicates that your friends and family are always there to protect you. It indicates love and protection coming from your near and dear ones. On the other hand, a group of turtle in your dream also signifies that there are good opportunities coming your way. It indicates that you are soon going to have some material pleasure or enjoyment.


Turtles symbolize love and kindness and dream about turtles indicates you to be kind, wise and calm when dealing with the world around you. It teaches the lesson of being patient in life and keep on moving no matter what pace you follow, it is always about moving forward with confidence. It also indicates that you should learn where to stop being good as this can put you at a risk. Dreams about turtles also remind you that you remain tough in the unforeseen situations of life.

It can also indicate for you to either open up to the people around you or to reserve yourself depending upon the dream that you saw and your actual personality. Turtles are symbols of prosperity and growth and hence it is good to dream about them.

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