Dreams About Tsunami

We all have dreams. There is not a single person who can say that he doesn’t dream. Dreams come to us all, some happy, some nightmares, some we just forget about waking up. But there are some dreams which force us to wake up in a cold sweat. Has that ever happened to you? There are lots of psychological theories that highlight the significance of a dream. An entire Freudian school of thought is dedicated to that end! Dreams- are often understood as a reflection of our subconscious. In other words, our dreams reflect our deepest concerns, greatest fears and also the things that we truly desire.

But while having a nightmare, it is impossible to convince your mind to calm down. Often on seeing a bad dream, we sit straight up on our bed, gasping for breath. One such dream is about tsunamis chasing you, or you drowning into one. Ever be dreaming about tsunamis? You are not the only one. Many people have, and there are some strong tsunami dreams meaning, that we will try to find out today, through this blog.

What does it mean when you dream about a tsunami?

Tsunamis are huge tidal waves that gather momentum by absorbing the energy from within an ocean. In the same way, dreams about a tidal wave are often associated with the energy that we collect from within our subconscious. While there can be other reasons for dreaming about tsunamis, majorly it is related to stress in one’s life. Overwhelming pressure in life can also lead to one dreaming about gigantic tidal waves. Were you on a beach in your dreams when the tsunami hit? Then maybe, you have problems lying right ahead of you!

Tsunami and Natural Elements:

Originally tsunamis occur in case there is an underwater earthquake, or when a meteorite falls on the water. In that light tsunamis are connected both to water and to other natural elements. Thus tsunamis are often connected with our sentiments, feelings, action, behavior, and how an individual links himself to the world. Our dreams that are the reflection of our subconscious is very different from the natural world. Do not be surprised if the tsunami in your dreams is set off due to other reasons than the ones mentioned above.

In your dream, you may first see a resort and then suddenly a tsunami approaching it. In that case, both the resort and the tsunami must be analyzed as the resort represents a temporary home.

In addition to the hotel, try to remember what caused the tsunami in your dreams. Was it an earthquake? If it was, then it means that tormenting stress and deep-seated pressure in your life is causing you to go through forced change. However, if the tidal wave is being created by someone else, then it means that destructive emotions, that rest within us are trying to emerge.

What do tsunami dreams mean and who can have them?

Dreams About Tsunami
Dreams About Tsunami

Big tidal wave dreams are often seen by people who are suffering from chronic depression. However, it can also be seen by people who have taken the path of spirituality. A spiritual path often cleanses individuals through an in-depth analysis of their thoughts. The process can make a person feel guilty about past actions which usually takes the shape of a tsunami.

If one dreams about a city being destroyed by a colossal tsunami, then it may indicate the general conditions of the people in that city. Maybe the dreamer is feeling isolated from everyone due to the circumstances around. Rarely can an individual complete a tsunami dream. The dream is so scary and daring that often people wake up in a cold sweat. However, if one has a dream about surviving a tsunami in the end, then maybe it means that though you are going through an emotional rollercoaster, you will win it in the end.

Analyzing dreams:

 While finding out the tidal wave dream meaning, it is important to understand a few things. First, the movement of water often indicates creativity and is a sign of love. However, if in the dream the tsunami has destroyed a city and is causing terrorism, forcing you to wake up, then it is indeed disturbing. While analyzing such dreams, psychologists have felt that it truly indicates the destruction of something that a person truly cares about. Such a dream suggests that you are going to experience a lot of challenges in the form of anger, frustration, and worry.

The color,  type, and consistency of the water is very important. If the water is dirty, muddy and it contains debris in your dreams, or there are some clear signs of destruction in the seashore, then there is some significant, massive change coming your way. But rest assured, you will be able to overcome that as well.

Advice for people who dream about tsunamis:

Dreams About Tsunami
Dreams About Tsunami

No matter how stressed you are with your current situation, you will always find the means to come out of it. Indeed, we find ourselves in bad, awkward positions at times. A tsunami dream is the ultimate ceiling of your stress level. So if you have been having these dreams, it is time for you to act. You might be sinking in a flood of extreme emotions and challenging questions, as seen in your dreams, and yes, it is very scary.

It is challenging to understand how to get back to the safe zone from such peril. A tsunami dream shows that one might be facing extreme emotional quicksand in the days to come. However, you need to get back up, muster your courage and fight your way out of the mess.

As mentioned earlier, there are different interpretations of the tsunami dreams. It always does not mean emotional damage and break. It can show other things too. A human mind is a complex machine. Our minds can sense danger even if it’s yet to come. The brain tries to warn us in its own way, and dreams can be a probable manifestation of such a warning. In that light, while a tsunami dream indicates the problems that we are going to face, the direction of the tsunami, your activity in the dream and other components show what might you be actually in for. Now, what might you be dreaming about? What can be the possible interpretation? Let’s take a dip!

What does it mean if one is drowning in the tsunami?

If you see yourself drowning in the tsunami while dreaming, you might be facing a difficult situation. You need to find a way to control your instincts, desires, and emotions in some way. The force of the sea is a bad omen, and if you see yourself being harmed in any way, in real life, it might mean that someone is trying to control you. Being controlled by the tsunami can also mean that you are fragile, and thus people always find a way with you. However, if you have recently suffered a terrible breakdown, then the tsunami could represent the force you need to move on in your life

Witnessing tsunami from the beach

Seeing a tsunami mounting in front of you is indeed a scary and horrible site. However, contrary to what it may seem like, this dream actually shows that you are going to find unexpected blessings on your way. The tsunami represents the fact that more significant opportunities are coming your way. Though in such moments of horror you might miss on the chance to count your blessings, this is indeed a good sign.

Dreams about surfing in the tsunami

This is a positive omen, but never should one try it in real life. However, while dreaming check if the water is clear. If the clear tidal wave is taking you towards the sandy beach, then it is a good sign after all. Such a dream about surfing a huge tidal wave can be seen as a good sign, a symbol of fortune. But if in the dream you are struggling to stay up on the board, then it can show that you are too overconfident with your success.

What Does it mean if someone else is drowning in the tsunami?

If you see such a thing in your dream, it may stand for refinement and purification of your dreams. If in the dream you lose someone whom you dearly love, then it indicates that you are facing difficult times and challenging endeavors. Maybe you are uncertain about the things going on in your life. If you see someone else in your dreams, it may mean that your actions are, causing pain or disturbance to others. If you feel frightened and disturbed in the dream then it can indicate that you are confused about the results.

Dream about being carried off by the tsunami

As per the dream dictionary tsunami, if you see yourself being carried away by the tsunami, it means that some significant changes are about to happen in your life. However, you need to hold on to people who can guide you through such rough times. This can also be indicative of the fact that you will see some beautiful changes in the upcoming days and your life will be better than ever.

Tidal wave dream meaning and its recurrence?

If you have repeated symbolism in your dreams, it often stands for attention. Your conscious is telling you to focus on some urgent situation at hand. Once the message is received by you when you are asleep, activate it. Do not wash it away as a nightmare in the following morning. By taking action, you need to bring in many changes in your life that can show you a better path. If you are successful in taking the right steps, you may open many windows of opportunity. As mentioned, again and again, having a dream about a tsunami is about connecting with your inner emotions. One needs to be productive in life, and that is what this dream signifies. To that end, work tirelessly to achieve your goals. Don’t stay idle and do nothing about it.

Indeed it can be scary to have tsunami dreams. You might freak out and break into a cold sweat. But look at the brighter side, these dreams show that changes that are coming your way. So don’t forget them or wish them away as nightmares, they might be indicative of the changes that are going to be a part of your life. Take proper actions and conquer your dreams.

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