Duck is a name that is used for a number of aminal species in the waterfowl family. Ducks are usually aquatic birds that can be found in the sea as well as freshwater. A baby duck is usually known as duckling whereas the male duck is known as drake. Female ducks are usually referred to as ducks only.

Ducks symbolize numerous things. These aquatic birds are connected to the spiritual world by many different bonds. Because ducks possess various capabilities in them, that’s why they are believed to be able to travel between the realms of spiritual forces and the reality of the world. 1033 Angel Number Meaning Related Post For You .

It has been believed that they are able to communicate between the spiritual spheres and the physical universe. Ducks are able to both fly and swim and these characteristics also symbolize some features.

A flying duck is said to be associated with spiritual freedom whereas the swimming duck represents the realm of unconsiousness. Ducks have a high value and they are admired by a lot of people because of their many characteristics.

We feed on duck meat, we eat their eggs, we also use duck fat and feathers and so on. Apart from these uses that ducks provide to people, they also possess characteristics that make them magical, extraordinary and very symbolic birds.


Ducks symbolism connects generally with water energy and emotions. As duck is a spiritual animal, it helps us to navigate our intuitions and intentions. They provide you guidance and ability to focus, reminding you to set your intellect aside and believe in your intuition.

In the natural world, duck is a common bird found in every part of the world except in Antarctica. Their glossy feathers, rounded beaks and webbed feet are very familiar to people. They can be found swimming in the man-made lakes and ponds. Whenever you find a duck totem, its important for you to evaluate things that you were previously thinking about. Some More 646 Angel Number Meaning For You .

The totem of the duck can have many different meanings. Below are some of these:

Intuition: Duck totem animals usually help us in reconnecting with our emotions and also provide us with a gift of intuition. People who have got ducks as their totems are highly intuitive and people make their decisions mostly based upon their intuitive insights only. These people know what to do emotionally in certain situations.

Nurturing: Mother ducks are very caring and nurturing. They teach their ducklings to swim and also teach them to survive in the wild after they hatch. The duck totem animal presents you with the gift of nurturing and caring for your loved ones. You are most likely to be a person who likes to care for their loved ones a lot and make sure that they don’t miss something really important.


Silliness: People who have got ducks as their totem are often considered silly and goofy. They like enjoying and having fun on small things that happen around them. These people love to crack jokes so that other people can laugh as well. Everyone enjoys the company of such people.

Molting: Like many other birds, ducks also go through stages of molting their feathers. They lose their old feathers and make space for the growth of new ones. The totem of a duck represents the period of growth and transformation phase in your life. This is the period where you improve yourself as well as your life. This also represents that you should be able to release the old things in order to make space for new things in your life. Guide To 422 Angel Number With The Meaning .

Emotional balance: The totem of duck often symbolizes emotional balance in your life. While the male duck, drake symbolizes positivity, joy, and happiness, the female duck symbolizes its opposite. It symbolizes negativity and sadness. Our emotional balance system requires all the emotions whether bad ones or good ones in proportion.


The duck totem animal teaches a person to balance his emotions in life. They teach us to embrace all the negative as well as positive emotions that we have inside us. By doing this you will be at peace with your emotions and you can lead a calm and positive life.

Adaption: Ducks have the experience of all the three elements of the earth. They can fly, they can walk on the ground and they can swim as well. They have all the capabilities to adapt themselves according to the situations. That is why duck totem animals teach us to get adapt to every circumstance that comes in our life.

Preening: Ducks have a very good routine of cleaning their feathers. They have oil glands in them which are used to spread oil over their feathers. This helps the ducks to float on water bodies. The totem duck reminds you that it is very important to take care of yourself and your wellbeing.

Vigilance: Ducks have many predators, that’s why they are very vigilant birds. These birds are capable of sleeping with one eye open so that they can guard their flocks while they are sleeping. This is how they can avoid the potential danger towards them. The duck totem animal gives you the gift of vigilance quality so that you can be attentive and be aware of whatever is going around you.

Zeal: Most people believe that ducks are cute and soft in nature but this is not true. They also do have an intense side in them. When mating or defending their territories from their enemies, they can become intense and can even kill each other. The same way totem of duck helps people in understanding that they should let go of things, which can end up harming others.


Ducks live all around the earth and they are closely related to humans. We can find out different species of ducks but the characteristics of all of them are similar whether they are wild or domesticated birds. Ducks represent many things in both traditional and popular culture.

Friendliness and Socialibility: Ducks are very social and calm birds. They usually live in flocks or groups, which a significant mark for the existence of ducks. Ducks do not like to live alone and its a very rare sight that we see in them.


They are also very friendly towards each other and do not attack other creatures. Like other animals, ducks are also very protective of their young ones. They only get angry when their young ones are in some danger or are threatened.

Flexibility and freedom: As already mentioned above that flying ducks usually symbolizes freedom. For instance, if you dream about a flying duck from someplace to another place, then it generally represents the person’s own desires of breaking his bonds and to be free.

 In some cases, it also represents the need for breaking the rules in which you feel like a prisoner and unable to achieve your goals of life.

Ducks are extremely adaptable and flexible because they are familiar with all the three elements on earth (i.e. water, on the ground and in the air). Ducks not only represents the balance between these elements but also connect the earth and heavens. It is believed that the ducks travel between the spiritual forces and the physical world. 717 Angel Number Meaning In Cambridge Dictionary .

Deceit and lies: Its interesting to see that white ducks are not always considered as a symbol of goodness, innocence, and purity. In some communities, white ducks symbolize lies, deceit, lust, and even greed.

In case, you get dreams of white duck then this means that your lover might cheat on you or your friend can lie to you in some situation. Maybe there are also some people around you who can take advantage and want to exploit or betray you.

Happiness and fortune: Ducks are the symbolism of good luck and fortune especially in the Asian culture. One of the famous ducks, mandarin are considered the symbolism of happy marriage, fidelity, and love. These mandarin ducks are often included in wedding apparel.

So, this was all about what a duck totem symbolizes. It’s both connected with good things as well as bad ones. But it depends upon you whether to take positivity or negativity from it.


  1. I accidentally run over 2 ducks today after dropping off my daughter school notes. I feel so badly. Today is the death anniversary of my dog Rika too. I have a feeling, that was my two dogs Rika and Niko visiting me from heaven. I’m so sorry for being emotional! I’m just really sad right now.


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