What are Earth angels and what is their Mission?

Amazed, shocked, confused after reading the title earth angles? Well, let me tell you, you might be an an earth angels having no clue about your own personality. An earth angel is completely a biological human without any special powers despite their soul being that of a lord’s holy angel. An earth angel is a human incarnated heavenly angel of the omniverse lord created directly by him being born in heaven rather than a human origin.

We all appear as a simple human being created by god but may be a blend of supernatural powers as well which the universe might have incarnated into our soul. Earth angels are special souls meant to fulfill certain mission when they exist on earth.

Earth Angel Mission

Every person subsisting on earth holds certain mission in order to make their lives worth living and worth rememberable, similarly these earth angels have certain mission and purpose for existing on this planet. Certain purpose or mission of existence of earth angels are as follows-

Earth Angel Purposes are as follows

  • BRINGING GOOD TO LIFE- Earth angels often act as leaders and thus help in transforming the scenario to a good state. The world where pessimism, negativity etc. have taken place there earth angels help people to move away from the state of being panic and rush towards optimism. These earth angels mission is to bring a change over darkness,over counterattack, over the devils and thus support the human beings to embrace the beauty of life fully.
  • FOLLOW YOUR HEART- The other, very clear mission of these earth angels is to guide human beings to follow their heart whenever they stand by a difficult situation or circumstances. These earth angels advice people to do anything that comes from love in their heart. Earth angels say that following your heart will always add fruits to your life.
  • MOVE BUT WITH CARE- Earth angels always look over you no matter what where they exist. Earth angels may never had a physical human body and so we may abuse them or curse them but the fact is that these earth angels help you to feed with organic foods,beverages and help in regular exercising just to make you fit and provide you with energy for your goals.
  • FOCUS ON SERVICE- It is your work that leads to satisfaction in your heart and mind and so these earth angels mission is to make you strong so that you can focus on your set goals and opportunities to avail all the good that is written in your destiny and so these earth angels help you to follow your path and walk on the stones to achieve the road of flowers.

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DO WHAT IS RIGHT- Are you in race of winning and just moving towards wrong path in order to win the competition than you are doing wrong and thus than these earth angels guide you to move your steps forward regarding what is right. Never ever opt for evil ways that in future lead you down and may demoralise you.

So, these were some missions that are being set up by the earth angels and which they lend to fulfill by their existence on earth and thus tend to make the earth a better place to live in . You can also check what are Angel numbers & their meaning so you analyze your message.


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    Hi god disciple my name is fadi alkhamees or you can call me as sayf alkhamees i read and i search up and things like that about earth angels and most of the reaserch has what i have but i am not very posivily sure if i am an earth angel would you please help me to get the right and the truth answer about if i am an earth angel or a light worker or just a normal human please reply back thanl you!

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