Do you like to celebrate your birthdays? Birthdays are very special to all of us. It gives us joy and happiness. We gather our family and friends to celebrate birthdays. We cut cakes on birthdays and put candles on them. We decorate our rooms with balloons and decorative material to feel good about ourselves. 

Everyone is fond of their birthday because of different reasons like some like dressed up on birthday, other like to receive gifts on their birthday and many more.

But have ever thought why do we celebrate our birthday? Like what’s the reason behind celebrating birthdays? 

There is history and theory behind who initiate the birthday celebration.

In this article we will discuss everything from who begins to celebrate a birthday or why do we cut cakes? 

So, let’s get started!

Beginning of Birthday Celebrations!

We all wonder who started the birthdays? Well, according to the historians it was all happen because of the Egyptians, thanks to them. 

According to the scholars, in early Egypt, Egyptian pharaohs were transmuted into gods, when they were crowned. At that time their lives are very important to everyone and that’s the reason their physical birth become more important. 

These incidents were mentioned in the bible around 3,000 B.C.E. and were in the focus of the pharaoh’s birthday. 

Later on, they discovered that the pharaoh’s birthday was celebrated not the day they were born but when they become gods. 

After knowing who started it, now let’s know why we celebrate birthdays? 

Why Do We Celebrate Birthdays? 

Birthdays are a very important occasion for us. So, we should know why do we celebrate birthdays?

 The practice of commemorating your birthday is a traditional custom. Because of the religious connection, many Christians did not celebrate birthdays in the past.

On days of great transitions, such as turning a year older, Pagans believed that malevolent spirits lurked.

So, every human, according to the Greeks and Romans, had a spirit who watched his or her birth and stayed back. As per the book The Lore of Birthdays, that spirit “had a mystic relationship with the God on whose birthday the individual was born.”

Now, we understand all the philosophy behind the birthday celebrations but do you know the theories of the cake and candles? 

Let’s find out!

Theory of Cakes 

Greek mythology was rife with gods and goddesses. To please these gods, the Greeks gave numerous tributes and sacrifices. Artemis, the lunar goddess, was no exception for them.

The Greeks would make moon-shaped cakes with lit candles as a tribute to the goddess, imitating the moon’s brilliant brightness and Artemis’ imagined beauty.

 The transmission of a message or a prayer was also indicated by the candles. Another approach to send that message to the gods is to blow out the candles with a wish.

Let’s understand the theory of blowing out the candles.

 Blow Out the Candles 

In reaction to the bad spirits, the candles were lit. Those who arrived to speak with the gods. Amid the gloom, there is a ray of hope.

In the 1700s, the Germans are acknowledged for originating the children’s birthday ritual. For “kinderfeste,” they set candles on tortes, one for each year of life, plus a few extras to represent future years.

Let’s conclude this article with frequently asked questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Are birthdays celebrated in the Bible?

Ans. Yes, birthdays are performed in the bible. According to them, Christians are free to celebrate their birthdays in God’s glorying way. But some of them did not believe in performing the birthdays. 

Q2. What is the point of celebrating birthdays?

Ans. Birthdays are a unique occasion. They serve as a reminder of our age, as well as a marker of how far we’ve come. They’re a reason to smile, and they’re a terrific way to show someone how much you care. Birthdays are said to be more than merely a special day of the year in many cultures.

Q3. Why do we celebrate birthdays biblically?

Ans. In Christian tradition, birthdays were formerly thought to be a heathen ritual. All persons are born with “original sin,” according to Christianity. This reflects the fact that ancient birthdays were linked with pagan gods, which caused Christians to regard birthdays as bad festivities.

Final Verdict: 

Birthdays are joyful occasions. Now, we celebrate birthdays by throwing huge parties or over phone calls. Maybe the contemporary way of celebrating birthdays changes by several years. 

Hope this article fulfill the purpose!

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