How to Remove Different Kinds of Junk

Do you have a household, industrial or office items that you want to get rid of? You may be wondering how you will decide on the best kind of junk removal that would work for your junk type.  When you have items you need to get rid of, the tricky part is knowing how you will dispose of them. It is even more difficult if the junk is a mixture of furniture, electrical appliances, general waste, industrial waste, and so on. Every item has its proper way of disposal. This is why you need to hire experts in junk removal to help you out.

Finding the right way to get rid of unwanted items depends on their type; whether they are bulky or small, toxic or non-toxic. you are better off considering a rental dumpster. Look for dumpster rental Sussex county for efficient service with a variety of options at affordable prices. The advantage of this option is that you can schedule– There are several ways of removing junk, categorizing the junk by type is the easiest way to start. Let us delve deep into the ways in which you can remove different kinds of junk. They are listed as follows:

Hire a Junk Removal Service

Most of the junk removal services offer full packages to their clients. This means that they will carry the bulky items, load them, haul the junk away and organize disposal. Some companies even organize a clean-out after removing your junk. Since most companies charge by volume, you can use them when getting rid of one or two units of bulky junk. You would definitely need help with the lifting and hauling away of bulky items; meaning you cannot do it yourself. If you do a major cleanout and dispose of large volumes of junk, this option would prove quite expensive. However, the advantage of this is the ability to remove junk from your space without lifting a finger!

Rent a Roll-Off Dumpster

In the case of broken furniture pieces and general household junk, you can rent a roll-off dumpster in your driveway. These dumpsters are delivered in the form of roll-off containers of varying sizes. They are convenient for progressive de-cluttering of the household stuff for a less strenuous clean-out. This means that you can slowly remove large amounts of junk over a period of time while dumping it in the container. If you are operating on a low budget with DIY junk removal, this option would best suit you. Being a self-service option, the convenience that comes with it is flexible periods for renting it.

Purchase a Dumpster Bag

Dumpster bags are ideal for low volumes of junk which are too large for a trash can but smaller for a dumpster. They are single-use waste bags that are large enough to fit about 3,000 pounds of junk. Buying such a bag is quite cheap, but there are extra costs for pick up depending on volume. If your junk for disposal is exceeding a bag or two, you are better off considering a rental dumpster. The advantage of this option is that you can schedule a pick-up day once you are done decluttering. However, dumpster bags are not available in all locations. Therefore it is better to confirm with your local waste management centers if they have such an option before buying them.


While the saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, you wouldn’t donate worn-out, useless items, would you? The purpose of the donation is goodwill. Therefore if you have items that are in good condition but you just got bored with them, then you would consider donation other than disposal. There are local shelters for the needy where you can drop off your junk or organize for a pick-up by charity organizations. The pick-up service is free, hence ideal for junk removal of reusable items.

Recycle and Upcycle

There are items such as plastic chairs, containers, paper products, carpets, wood debris, and textiles that can easily be recycled. There is no need to take them to dumpsters which would just take them to landfills; unless of course, they will recycle the junk. There are recycling centers in several areas in which you can drop your recyclable junk. If this is not possible in your location, then you hire a junk removal company that recycles waste. The other option would be upcycling which would make sure you get other uses for your junk. For example, you could make garden pots out of your plastic containers. Old carpet could be cut into mats for doorways, bedsides, and pet beds. There are many ways of recycling and upcycling that you could explore to protect the environment.


Junk removal is not all about tossing things aside for disposal. You can make extra cash by selling unwanted stuff that is still good enough to be bought by someone else. There are many ways of selling junk. You can have a yard sale, take the items to thrift shops, pawnbrokers or sell them online on eBay and other online sites. If you are removing junk to buy new items, this supplementary income could chip in your budget. So next time you are removing junk from your space, consider selling some of it!

Final Thoughts On Junk Removal

As we have established, the options you find suitable depend on the type of junk you are disposing of. If they are recyclable items, then seek the nearest recycling center near you. If you have items in good condition but are no longer useful to you, the donation is the way to go. However, you can still sell items that are in good condition. The good thing is that there are junk removal services that can give you efficient services to clean out your home.  Hiring professionals is the safest way to remove your junk and prevent damage to your valuables. Depending on your removal needs, the listed options can serve your numerous junk needs.

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