How to sell Spirituality services via social networks

You can sell your services and products via social networks. Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are the three biggest platforms that you can use in your favor. Let’s take the spirituality industry as an example.

How to offer the product/service?

First of all, try to focus on your niche. Do you want to sell spiritual services or courses? If you are good at spiritual stuff, then you can offer courses where people will learn how to read numbers, how to talk with spirits, etc. 

You can create the course and ask the affiliates to sell it. What is affiliate marketing you may ask? It’s the industry where the marketers (who know offline and online marketing strategies) will sell your product via the tracking code.

How to sell Spirituality services via social networks
How to sell Spirituality services via social networks

With the tracking code, you and the affiliated person will know the exact number of sales. What you should pay? You can pay $10, even $100. It depends on the value you are providing

If the course is just a regular one, then you can price it at $9.99. Ask the affiliate to sell the product and give them an additional $10 for it. 

How to sell your service/course without affiliates?

You can sell your courses or services without affiliates. In this case, you need to understand social networks like Instagram and Facebook. There are two options – you can choose paid advertising (where you should pay for each lead) or follow the free options (organically growing accounts and selling course in that way).

In both cases, you need a good starting point. You can buy Instagram, YouTube and Facebook likes and followers. At this point, social media campaigns get easier as you have a good jump-start. In both cases, you’ll need to watch tutorials and guidelines from the developers of the platforms. Both paid and free options are very profitable. 

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