How To Use Metatron’s Cube?

What if there is a meditation aid which you can also use as a cleansing device as well? Yes, Metatron’s cube is one such thing. Do you always find yourself drifting in a sea of thoughts whenever you try to meditate? Or do you often find yourself wishing for something which would help you focus?

Worry no more because Metatron’s cube is just the thing for you! It’ll not only act as a source of inspiration but also, you’ll feel the positive energy flowing through every part of you. No wonder you’ll have more control over yourself, and feel more focused!

Metatron’s Cube

You must have heard of the ancient structure of Flower of Life? Metatron’s cube is one such thing that is derived from the same. It has a complex sacred geometry gets its name after Archangel Metatron. Traditionally it belongs to Jewish and Christian traditions.

People believe this cube to be an archangel who’s in charge of all creations. In addition to this, the cube also has quite a lot of cleansing properties. It’s like a fountain of inspiration and creation. If you’re an artist then Metatron’s cube will turn out to be extremely useful to you!

Switching On A Metatron’s Cube

Just like many other manually operated electronic devices, you need to switch on a Metatron’s cube as well! This cube is literally the answer to all your prayers! But you can only switch it on through prayers. That too a special archangel prayer.

Archangel Metatron Prayer

So you must be wondering how is a prayer to the Archangels different from the way you normally pray? Well, it’s a prayer which begins with you expressing gratitude towards your Archangel. After all, why not? They’ve made you diligent enough to observe your surroundings and grasp the essence of it.

Record all the happenings around you and keep learning from it. Grow yourself. Pray for their guidance to avoid unnecessary regrets. Metatron helps you to think in a positive direction. They want you to harvest only positive thoughts.

Archangel Metatron Symbol

But have you ever thought of the root cause behind all the positivity stemming from this cube? The secret lies in its unique symbol. According to mythology, Archangel Metatron used his own soul to create a cube which could work wonders. And hence the name Metatron’s cube! The cube had a two-dimensional unique geometric shape.

13 circles make up the complex figure of the modern-day Metatron’s cube. If you see it carefully you’ll find lines extending from the centre of every circle to the centre of the other twelve circles. It contains all the sacred patterns that make up all matters in this universe, popular as the platonic solids.

It is a holy figure. It has got the five platonic solids which represent the five elements- fire, water, air, earth, sky. All these are the basics that this universe is made of.

Metatron’s Cube Explained

This cube follows a particular energy pattern starting from the centre. It allows you to follow the pattern just like a seasoned guide. It’s the perfect tool to soothe a stressed mind and to unlock the issues troubling our soul!

You can think of the cube as a non-stationary object that rotates in a clockwise direction and has a repulsing effect on the negative energies. Thus even if you’re having a bad day a Metatron’s cube can help you shake off all the negativities! It’s like a magic trick to vanish all your troubles in a jiffy and cleanse your soul!

Just rotate the Metatron’s cube and remove all the negativity from your surroundings. Could there be any better way to create a positive atmosphere, that too within moments?

Metatron’s Cube Sacred Geometry

The Metatron’s cube imbibes the energy of the ancient sacred geometry. And this is what makes it so powerful. Sacred geometry basically refers to the ratios, proportions, patterns, frequencies and laws. And we believe this governs all the objects as well as organic life forms occurring everywhere in our universe.

13 circles and 13 lines denoting the five basic elements form the geometric design of this cube. The symmetrical geometrical design symbolizes the unending depth of the universe.

How To Draw Meta tron’s Cube?

Metatron’s cube may look like an intricate structure but it’s quite easy to draw.

First, the flower of life has to be drawn. 13 circles make up the flower of life. You’ve to draw nine columns of circles. Each circle should have the same diameter. In the first column, draw nine circles built outwards. So there would 5 circles in a vertical column and 4 circles in diagonal.

Next, join each of the central points of the circle to other circles’ centres. This would create various geometrical shapes like stars, hexagons.

Lastly, the outermost hexagon has to be marked with a different colour. Then the line going through the middle to the centre of the lower, and the two upper diagonal portions on the star has to be marked. The star thus lies under the hexagon drawn. And finally, your Metatron’s Cube is complete.

Metatron’s Cube Tattoo

Now, what if you wish to carry the positivity of a Metatron’s cube always, everywhere you go? Carrying the cube with you isn’t always feasible after all. After all, you know “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” right? And you know how to make your way!

All you have to do is paint a tattoo of a Metatron’s cube in your skin. You can ink it anywhere on your body– your forearm, your chest or your back. And voila! You would be infused with all the mystical powers of the Metatron’s cube!

Inscription of a Metatron’s cube tattoo saves you from demons and other unwanted negativities that might harm you. Choose from a clean and basic design to more complex designs. You have a variety of choice in that.

These tattoos not just look spectacular but also have deep spiritual meaning. So go ahead and get inked! Tattoos are never out of the trend. And for a fashionista trend are a staple! Bring out your fiery nature! Show some boldness. Stand out from the crowd, with this unique tattoo.

After all who wouldn’t want to be in the spotlight? This tattoo will not only quench your craving to be unique but also you’ll have the blessing of the mystical power you simultaneously!


Do you know what the best part about the cube is? It is very affordable. Also, you can put and use it in any form around you. Because it’s proven to bring you positive results from the very first day.

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