Incarnated angels and their characteristics, quiz, test and ability.


Having heard about earth angels ,human angels, the next stand in the row are incarnated angels. Yes! incarnated angels are another set of unique and charming beauties that exist on earth in their own different form completely apart from others.

Well, my dear readers I am undoubtedly sure that you must be in complete confusion as to what creatures these incarnated angels are. Do not worry, let me tell you.

Incarnated angels are not to uncommon, you can easily identify them as they usually have baby faces that appear to be angelic even if their age is more they are more child like till their existence on our planet. These incarnated angels generally originate in higher dimensions and does not evolve in physicality. Angels are the charming and glamorous beings. Angels who incarnate as human beings may exist for a very specific mission or purpose. Incarnated angels are also walk ins i.e they might have not taken birth as an angel but as the spirit of angel vibed and walked into their body, they completely transformed well, stories of these incarnated angels may sound too boring but in reality these are very exciting beings.

Incarnated angels are created by god, much the same as other masterpieces of our nature such as animals, humans etc. These angels are here to help the earth through difficult times.

After knowing so much about these heavenly beings, you must be excited to know about the signs of being an incarnated angel. Well, the requirement is below.


  • NATURAL GIVER- There heat is so pure that they always tend to give and does expect nothing in return. Angels always tend to save others and also to give. They always offer benevolence, even to those who have been disgraceful to them. They always try to uplift the people from their worse times.
  • DIVINE APPEARANCE- Incarnated angels generally have angelic charm with a soft face that is round or heart shaped. There  mouths are not wide open.
  • CHILDISH NATURE- They never offset the child hidden inside them. Life is a miracle and magical. They are child by heart and thus maintain that temperament.
  • FUN WITH GIFTS- They are beings with immense gifts for everyone. Gifts of healing,gifts of good advice, gift of respect. Angels give good advice also  so it is worth listening to them.
  • HARMLESS- These incarnated angels are quite harmless they even hate harming a fly. They are very kind to every creature existing on the planet. They are generally pacifests.
  • DELIGHTFUL ENERGY-They have a very soft energy. They try to make you trustworthy in every way. They are naturally non-judgemental and are good at creating harmony and love.
  • SENSIBILITY- They are quite sensible in their approach and also down to earth. They are good at keeping their hearts open.
  • NO FALSEHOOD-They are the creatures without any falsification. They do not pretend neither fake anything.
  • AWAY FORM SLAVERY-They completely disgrace slavery and thus do not like being a slave on this world. They just follow their mission and vibes.
  • NATURE OF IGNORANCE- They are completely ignorant to many forms of authority. They are very quite, polite and well intentioned.
  • FRIENDLY TO HEART- They are very friendly to earth and thus enjoy living here. Angels always feel sympathy for human.
  • SUITABLE TO EVERY WORK- They are good to every work like they are creative writing, singing, teaching are some great jobs done by incarnated angels.
  • CHARIASMATIC- Incarnated angels can be very charming and chariasmatic whereas others can be quite and shy sometimes.
  • CONFORMERS- They are always up with new ideas which they tend to keep secret from disapproving eyes.


  1. They have the ability to infuse pure love into environments.
  2. They have the ability to guide people through what is right and wrong.
  3. They have the ability to make people fell in love with there work.
  4. They have the ability to nurture the people in the purest form.
  5. They have the ability to spread the colors of happiness and love in all the ways.


After knowing the various abilities of incarnated angels time i to know that whether you are an incarnated angel or not. So making it easy for you and also interesting I have a quiz for you related to the personal traits of these incarnated angels. If you find these questions related to your personality than deifinitely you are an incarnated angel.

  • Do you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome?
  • Are you struggling to reduce your body weight?
  • Do you have addictive personality?
  • Do you struggle with substance abuse?
  • Do you eat to self-soothe?


  • Do people call you an angel?
  • Do you have a powerful aura?
  • Do you have rainbow aura?
  • Do you lighten your hair?
  • Do you have an otherworldly appearance?
  • Do you have red in your hair and green in your eyes?


  • Are you in a helping profession like counselling, advising etc.
  • Do you prefer working outdoors?
  • Are you an energy healer?
  • Are you technologically savvy?
  • Are you an entertainer?(musician,singer,actor)


  • Are you independent?
  • Do you manifest easily?
  • Are you highly creative?
  • Do you dislike crowds?
  • Do you enjoy following the rules?
  • Are you compulsively kind and helpful?


  • Are you of a kind nature i.e. do you always tend to help others in their circumstances?
  • Are you always thinking about the good of others no matter whatever you are suffering through?
  • Do you carry the passion of working round the clock?
  • Do you feel satisfying your enemies win?

So, if you find a ‘yes’ to these questions than you are an incarnated angel and thus moving ahead in field of love, charisma and thus a blessing for all.




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