Know the Gemstones Worn by Bollywood Personalities?

In India, astrology and gemology go hand in hand. It is believed that wearing certain gemstones can bring good luck and success. Bollywood celebrities are no stranger to this belief. In fact, many of them credit their success to the gemstones they wear.

Bollywood is one of the biggest film industries in the world. It is known for its grandeur and extravagance. Bollywood celebrities are often seen wearing expensive clothes, jewelry, and accessories.

Many of these celebrities believe in astrology and the power of gemstones. They often consult astrologers to find out which gemstone would be beneficial for them.

Here are some of the most popular Bollywood celebrities and the gemstones they wear:

Salman Khan – Turquoise

Salman Khan is one of the most well-known actors in the industry. He has appeared in over 80 films and has won several awards, including 2 Filmfare Awards.

Salman Khan was born in Indore on 27 December 1965. His zodiac sign is Capricorn. The actor is a firm believer in astrology and gemstones. He is often seen wearing a beautiful turquoise bracelet on his right wrist.

According to astrologers, this stone helps him stay grounded and calm amidst all the success and fame. It also protects him from negative energies and evil forces.

Turquoise is known to be a very positive stone and is said to promote communication and understanding. It is also believed to bring good luck, health, and wealth. So, it’s no wonder that this gemstone is Salman Khan’s lucky charm.

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Aishwarya Rai – Diamond and Blue Sapphire

Aishwarya Rai is one of the most successful actresses in Bollywood. She is also one of the most beautiful women in the world. Not surprisingly, she has been the face of several international brands.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was born in Mangalore, Karnataka on 1 November 1973. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio and she believes in the power of gemstones. She wears a blue sapphire stone ring on her right hand, which is said to protect her from evil forces.

Diamond and Blue Sapphire Stone are both very positive stones. Diamond is said to bring good luck, while blue sapphire is said to protect against negative energies.

Amitabh Bachchan – Blue Sapphire

The evergreen and legendary Amitabh Bachchan is one of the most successful actors in the history of Indian cinema. He has also been a recipient of several prestigious awards, including the Padma Shri and the Padma Bhushan.

Believe it or not, this megastar follows astrology religiously and even consults his personal astrologer before taking any major life decisions! He always wears a blue sapphire ring on his right-hand middle finger, which he believes has helped him immensely in his journey to success.

As per astrology, the planet Saturn is the lord of his zodiac sign. The planet bestows balanced justice and discipline. It teaches patience, perseverance, and determination.

Blue sapphire is associated with the planet Saturn. Wearing a blue sapphire can bring good luck, wealth, and success. It is also believed to protect the wearer from negative and evil forces.

Ajay Devgn – Yellow Sapphire

Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn is known for his versatile roles in movies. He has appeared in action, comedy, and drama films. In the movie “Golmaal Again”, he played the role of a man who is scared of ghosts. He is also known for his roles in patriotic movies like “Singham” and “Raid”.

Ajay Devgn is a believer in astrology and wears a yellow sapphire stone. This gemstone has brought him good luck and has helped him in his career.

The gemstone yellow sapphire is associated with the planet Jupiter. It is known to bestow luck and fortune on its wearer along with wisdom, knowledge, and prosperity.

Shilpa Shetty – Emerald

Shilpa Shetty is a popular Bollywood actress and reality TV star. She is known for her roles in movies like “Dhadkan” and “Rishtey”. She has also appeared in the popular celebrity-based reality show “Big Brother”.

Shilpa Shetty was born in Mangalore, Karnataka on 8 June 1975 under the sign of Gemini. The planet Mercury is the lord of this zodiac sign and emerald is the gemstone representing it. Mercury is known as the planet of communication and commerce. It is also associated with intellect, wit, and humor. Wearing emerald can bring the positive energies of this planet into your life. It can also enhance your confidence and improve your relationships. 

Kareena Kapoor- Red Coral

Kareena Kapoor is a popular Bollywood actress known for her roles in movies like “3 Idiots” and ” Jab We Met”.

Kareena was born on 21st September 1980 in the family of actors Randhir Kapoor and Babita as the fourth generation of actors. Kareena’s zodiac sign is Virgo and her ruling planet is Mars. The planet represents energy, enthusiasm, and courage. It is also associated with strength, determination, and aggression.

Red coral is a red-colored gemstone suited for people born with Mars as their ruling planet. This gemstone can improve your focus and determination to succeed. It also helps overcome fear or nervousness, while boosting your confidence to lead people and perform to the best of your abilities.

Emraan Hashmi – Opal

Emraan Hashmi is a popular Bollywood actor, who is known for his roles in hit films such as Murder and Once Upon a Time in Mumbai. Hashmi was born on March 24th, 1979, in Bombay, India. His zodiac sign is Aries.

Hashmi’s lucky gemstone is opal. Opals are said to bring good luck and fortune to those who wear them. The gemstone is also believed to have healing properties, which can help with everything from anxiety to depression. Hashmi is a strong believer in the power of gemstones, and he often wears opals on set and during public appearances.

So, there you have it! These are the popular celebrities with the gemstones they embrace. If you’re looking for a lucky charm to help you in your own life, consider giving these stones a try.

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