Lavish lifestyle and health problems that can arise from there

In this materialistic world, we are running in the rat race of ambitions, goals and achievements. Whenever you ask a middle-class person, what are its dreams? The majority of people would answer about having a luxurious house, an expensive car and rich food etc. For them, this is the ultimate pleasure which they are seeking in their lives. To some extent, this is true because you dream of things that you don’t have. And most of the people don’t have a good lifestyle and therefore they dream it. But wise people said that never trust anything blindly. And the same principle goes with having a lavish lifestyle.

Like every action has an equal and opposite reaction, similarly having a lavish lifestyle also comes with some consequences which you should be aware of. Yes!! You heard it right, being lavish is a dream which can be fulfilled with hard work and determination but remember you can enjoy those luxuries if you fight with the health problems associated with it. Often lavish people are found to be sexually less potent and depend more on pills like Fildena, Vidalista and Cenforce 200.

How can a lavish lifestyle cause health problems?

People would scratch their heads when they would come to know that even living a lavish lifestyle can attract health problems. Instead of worrying one should accept that problems would never go away irrespective of your lifestyle. Our focus should be on how to get rid of those health problems.

A lavish lifestyle does not have inbuilt problems but it’s after effects turn into a monster. For example, living a lavish lifestyle means that one should always use a car even for going small distances and your daily life routine only includes eating, sleeping and repeating. If you follow such lifestyle then you would surely gain weight because you are making negligible physical labour. This will ultimately lead to obesity, which will invite high blood pressure, hypertension and Erectile Dysfunction along it. This is the reason most upper class well to do people are consumers of Cenforce and Vidalista 20.

This is just one example of obesity but following mismanaged and crony lavishness will lead to more health problems. People are becoming a fool in the name of being lavish. Look at the kings centuries ago did they had obesity, depression and anxiety? No. Weren’t their lifestyle lavish? Yes.

The reason is the use of consciousness which helps you differentiate between helpful and unnecessary things. Children with a lavish lifestyle, according to stereotypes mean that they should not play outdoor games like cricket, football or hockey but instead play computer games. This is the reason you would see that very young who are in kindergarten are having spectacles. What kind of lavish lifestyle does this be which affects the eyesight of young children?

This obsession with lavishness must be removed, real lavishness lies in being super healthy and being able to run even at the age of 90. Some of the health problems due to lavish lifestyle are:


You would agree that most lavish people are residing in developed countries, take the example of USA. Today the main health concern of USA is overnutrition and obesity. Home-cooked food has been completely replaced with packed food items. Packed eatables are high in calorie and sugar content which increases the risk of diabetes mellitus. A proper lavish lifestyle should mean having a royal America speciality. And the problem with obesity is that it causes series of disorders along it. An obese population is not considered lavish but an inefficient group good for nothing.

Joint Pain

In people enjoying a lavish lifestyle another health concern, which is common, is poor bone health which causes frequent joint pain. Earlier this was the problem confined to old age people but now leading a lavish lifestyle has caused joint pain to college students and youngsters. This is an alarming situation for society, and steps must be taken to solve the problem. The reason cited for joint pain in young people is are lack of protein and vitamin D. You would be glad to know that even sunlight is a source of Vitamin D but then also we are suffering from its deficiency. This is because a lavish lifestyle teaches us to live in air-conditioned rooms and not to play in the sun.

Distorted growth

Why is it that people with all necessities fulfilled have stunted growth? The reason is the nutrient in our food. A person real lavish person should eat all farm-fresh and organic foods instead of ordering food online.


To eradicate the above health problems, one needs to recognize what does a lavish lifestyle really mean? It surely does not mean becoming a fool in the name of modernity. A lavish lifestyle should mean that one can become close to nature. Normal people cannot afford pizza and green tea. But if you are enjoying a lavish lifestyle, you should choose green tea over pizza. This egoless and alert lavishness is what is the need of the hour.

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