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Add some sparkle to your bedroom, office or kitchen with these smart solutions Give your rooms a hidden glow with these superior smart light strips

(Lepro-Reliable & Satisfying) – Having an LED light strip at your disposal allows you to really get creative with smart lighting since you can cut to size, mount it, and receive that coveted hidden glow. Whether you want to hang it around your bedroom or elsewhere – like under kitchen cabinets or behind a home office – now there are plenty of options in this area to consider as well. You can buy smart LED strip lights for room  to click on highlight words. It will help to choose best option for your kitchen cabinets or behind a home office – now there are plenty of options in this area to consider as well.

The best smart light strip you can buy today

Lepro LED light strip

For those who need 50 feet of coverage, but don’t mind spreading it out on two connected wheels, Lepro has a great option to consider. The strips feature 30 LEDs per meter, with RGB colors, white and 16 multi-color options. There are eight different modes for users to choose from, and the remote can also be used for brightness control. As for installation, users can either use the sticky adhesive on the back of the strip or mount it on the wall using the included mounting clips.

Give a modern touch to your home or business with the best LED strip

Artificial lighting has undergone a real revolution with the advent of LED technology. Apart from supplying a great saving in the electricity bill, the LED has a long useful life, is better for the environment, has high lighting efficiency, better quality of light, saves maintenance costs, and, the best, you have great versatility in applications. Among this versatility in applications we find LED strips,  a type of artificial lighting with a wide variety of uses, some to satisfy functional needs and others as mere decoration. A range of uses as wide as the imagination allows. If you still do not have any LED strip or you simply want to expand your knowledge to get others, we will tell you everything you need to know and take into account before getting this magnificent multifaceted lighting system. A guide so that you can know what types exist, makes the best choice for the use you are going to give it and also know which the best models on the market are.

Have you installed your LED strip but haven’t used the entire length of the strip?

 There is no problem, the scraps and the cut parts can be electrically reconnected. We offer you a range of connectors that prevent welding. These connectors are very easy to use and the connection is ultra-fast.

How do you stick an LED strip?

You must first clean the surface where the strip will be installed. Then it is very easy, you just have to remove the protection from the tape and stick it in the desired place. All of our LED strips are equipped with a self-adhesive backing.

What to do if you drop the LED strip?

Before you buy your strip, please make sure the self-adhesive back is 3M. Many fakes are flooding the market. All of our self-adhesive back strips have real 3M adhesive, either 200MP or 300MP. These adhesives have good resistance to humidity, UV rays, and are perfectly fixed to aluminum, zinc, PVC, etc. So to prevent your LED strip from peeling off, the installation bracket must be well cleaned. Dust and degrease the surface thoroughly and then install the strip. If despite all these recommendations you do not fit the support, there are several solutions available.

You can use:

  • Neoprene glue.
  • Double-sided adhesive.
  • Fixing clip. These small PVC clips are easy to install, just nail or screw them.
  • Another alternative is to use an aluminum profile. They have the advantage of offering a complete solution regarding the integration of LED strips in your interior. With the use of the profile, the heat of the tape knows a better dissipation. It is also protected from dust.

What is the best LED lighting fixture?

The color temperature indicates the best LED lighting fixture in Kelvins (K) the tone of the LED strip, sometimes warm (yellow tone), sometimes cold (slightly bluish tone). For a warm white LED strip, the color temperature is between 2700 and 3000K. The coldest lighting reaches values ​​between 6000 and 6500K. Like sunlight, the color of artificial light affects how we feel, the feeling of comfort in a space.

In fact, depending on the lighting atmosphere we want to create, we will prefer a warm or cold shade:

– Warm white light is ideal for creating a warm and cushiony atmosphere. It is particularly suitable for lighting the bedrooms and the living room, rooms where you want to relax.

– Cool white light will be used more in stores to highlight products and objects. It is best suited for stimulating atmospheres and work environments.

So what should you think about before buying?

Well, while the length of the band is often easy to adapt to your needs, the smart control available to you can vary widely – some come with Bluetooth connectivity and app control, while others limit things to one.

Basic remote control

The asking price usually stays very constant too, so choosing the best smart light strip for your home usually comes down to the features you want and really need. With this guide, we will help you find out.

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