Low Value Slot Symbols Explained

No matter what slot you actually decide to play when you’re playing slots, there is one thing they will all have in common; they will all have symbols. These symbols are crucial to the game; they are what determines whether you win or lose – join Bezy. The symbols are placed on the reels, and to play, the reels have to spin and then stop. When they stop, if the symbols are in a certain combination, you’ll win. It’s that simple.

Some of these symbols have lower values than others, and these symbols can often be forgotten – after all, you’re much more likely to focus on the high value ones because they’re the ones that, most of the time, you’re going to want to see line up across the payline(s). However, the low value slots are just as important in their own way.

The History of Slot Symbols

Learning about history is always important, and when it informs the present it’s even more crucial to know about. This is the case with slots. The more you know, the more fun they will be, and although knowledge won’t affect the outcome of the game since slots all have to work on a random number generator system (RNG), it can at least give you know of an insight into what you are doing. 

With slots, the history starts in 1895. This is when Charles Fey created the Liberty Bell, cited as being the very first slot machine (at least as we would know it today). When this was created, a variety of different symbols were used which, strange as it may seem all these decades later, are still used today in some cases. These include the playing cards (hearts and diamonds), bells, and horseshoes. 

Low Value Symbols

In slots, the low value symbols may differ depending on the theme you are playing. However, in most cases the themed symbols are the high value ones, whereas the low value ones are standard across the majority of slots. This is done so that you always know which symbols to look out for and which aren’t going to help you quite as much (although, having said that, low value slots can still give you prizes, so they’re not entirely worthless). 

Most low value slots will include: 10, J, Q, K, and sometimes A. As mentioned above, these symbols are linked to playing cards. Today they are digital, but in the past, slots really did have physical playing cards inside them. This was the easiest way to build the machines, and it worked well – everyone already knew what the symbols meant.

Although the lower value symbols aren’t perhaps as desirable as high value ones which can trigger multiple respins, bonus games, and even the jackpot itself, they can still give you something and in a slot game, if you come away with anything, even the smallest profit, you’re doing well. So don’t be so quick to dismiss these low value symbols because they could be the difference between winning and losing overall.

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