Making Your House More Effective

Your home is the place where you shall feel comfortable and have everything that you need for proper life. However, it happens frequently that some things are lacking, space is not sufficient to buy and install everything you need to facilitate your daily tasks. In such cases, automated solutions come to help.

How can you make your home more effective by automating some places in your home? Let us check the most common ideas, and then, you might count on your imagination.

Make Your Kitchen as Efficient as It Is Possible

A kitchen is one of the most important places in your home especially if you have a family. So, its functionality is a mandatory feature. However, we all know that not everything is that simple: kitchens are normally not big. So, it is impossible to purchase all the needed devices to facilitate your life.

However, with some nice automation ideas, you can change it. What about turning your kitchen into a modern automated hub?

You can start with more serious upgrade ideas. For example, what about installing a lifting column in one of the kitchen cabinets, and using it to store a coffee machine, a food processor, or any other quite big device?

If you like the idea, follow the guide:

  • Get a lifting column. Here, you can choose one of the reliable and affordable options. Make sure the item can lift the device you are going to install. Also, don’t forget to check the stroke length to ensure that it will hide the device in the kitchen cabinet and move it up to enable its use.
  • Fix the column to the bottom of your kitchen cabinet. It shall be installed in the place where you prefer to have the device.
  • In the cabinet top, make an opening sufficient to make the device pass. Keep the piece that you have cut out, you might want to make a cap to close the opening when the column is in a retracted position.
  • Now, make a platform for the device.
  • Fix the platform to the column, and install the device.

Now, when you move the column up, it lifts the device to the cabinet surface. You can use it as if it were installed there. When you need to remove the device, just push a button to bring the column in a retracted position, and the device will hide in the cabinet. The cap closes the opening, and the entire surface of your kitchen cabinet is available again.

A Standing Desk Will Add a New Touch to Your Office

If you work from home, we are sure you have a dedicated place to work on your tasks. What about replacing your traditional desk with a standing one? Even if you believe that a standing desk is an investment that you cannot afford now, you can buy a lift frame and build your own desk. To proceed with the project, get a lift frame for a standing desk. On the frame, install a desk top. If you like the desk top that you are using now, reuse it. If you prefer something new, order or make one.

Don’t forget to buy a height-adjustable ergonomic chair and an ergonomic carpet. While the first item might be already there, available to use, an ergonomic carpet is frequently ignored. It is not correct though because this item is indispensable for your feet health. It distributes the body weight evenly and prevents your feet from getting excessively tired.

Additional Storage Place

Storing things is always connected with some discomfort. The place becomes cluttered, and the house doesn’t look nice and neat anymore.

However, with an automated storage place under the bed, this issue can be eliminated. There, you can store just whatever you need, and it will not influence the storage space comfort.

To build a storage place under the bed, automate the bed frame. Install a couple of actuators so that they lift the frame by opening the space beneath. When the actuators extend, the bed comes back in its place.

Build a big box to install under the bed. Divide the storage space into different compartments to store different things there.

Now, you can enjoy a huge storage space without cluttering your home and without occupying additional space in wardrobes or a storage room.

Bottom Line

A couple of actuators can change your life incredibly. You can make your home more comfortable and modern by installing a TV lift, automated shelves, drop-down cabinets, and racks. You can make adjustable chairs and a table for your dining space to make every family member enjoy their meals. In your patio, you can build hidden furniture to enjoy the ample space when the furniture is hidden and the top comfort level when you want to have there some rest with friends and family. With automation, you can improve the level of your life immensely.


Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers.

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