WoW mythic boost in World of Warcraft

Mythic dungeons World of Warcraft, a group of 5 people fight monster squads and defeat 3-5 bosses. Each one has a chance to get a rare item that gives primary and secondary characteristics to your hero. In this way, in a multiplayer game, the dressing of the character takes place. You can only go to regular dungeons without a key once. After that, a weekly CD is imposed on the hero, it will be possible to get loot only after resetting on Wednesday, if you defeat the bosses again.

A Mythic Dungeon Key is a more difficult version of a dungeon that depends on the level of the key. The difficulty lies in adding affixes, increasing the damage dealt by both ordinary monsters and bosses. In addition, you need to close the dungeon within the allotted time. If the timer runs out, the key will break and drop down one level, but you will still receive the reward from the chest. By closing the dungeon on the timer, you can increase the key by +1, +2 or +3 depending on the remaining time.

Mythic Dungeon Affixes An

Affix is ​​a property of a dungeon that affects the passage and behavior of certain enemies. There are no affixes on low-level keys. The first one starts at 4 Mythic+. In total, World of Warcraft there are more than 20 affixes Shadowlands :

  • Bolstering – at the moment of death, each enemy emits a death cry, increasing health and damage dealt by other monsters by 20%;
  • Necrotic – All enemies in the dungeon deal progressive physical damage to the target, which reduces healing received.
  • Raging – upon reaching 30% health, enemies go into a frenzy, inflicting their damage by 100% more until they die;
  • Sanguine – upon death, enemies leave a pool of blood under them, which heals allies and deals damage to players;
  • Volcanic – Under the feet of players fighting at a long distance, fiery volcanoes periodically appear under the feet, which knock up and deal damage;
  • Grievous – Players below 80% health take damage over time with a progressive debuffthat will only disappear when fully healed.
  • Quaking – Periodically, a shock wave appears around each player, which inflicts instant damage to other characters in a radius and interrupts spells.

In 9.2 Shadowlands , the Seasonal Mythic Dungeon Mod is called “Encrypted” – Encrypted Relics are found near certain groups of enemies. After killing one of them, a certain auto-guardian appears, which, after death, gives a group of players a boost.

Pretender’s Burden

Upon launching a Mythic+ dungeon, all party members gain a debuff, which subtracts 5 seconds from the total timer per death. If you die frequently in the dungeon, the timer will reset and break the key. This is a direct result of your group being unprepared for this complexity. On the next play through, it is recommended to change weak players, equipment, or learn tactics.

All these subtleties are not necessary to know if you plan to use the boosting. Now you can order a Mythic Dungeon pass from 2+ to 20+ keys. A strong group of 4 people will take you to their place and carry you through the dungeon along a convenient route in the allotted time, killing all the bosses. At the end, guaranteed loot.

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