Patchouli Plant- Magical and Spiritual Uses

Every herb found on earth possesses some of the other unique characteristics and properties. Owing to their uniqueness these herbs and plants are not only differentiated from one another but have been used for various medicinal and spiritual purposes for thousands of years now.

There is always an herb associated with the rituals performed for attracting protection, healing, money, and prosperity, wellness, love, and lust.

These herbs have regularly been incorporated in the magical rituals by most of the Pagans.

Out of the many such herbs which are often used for its magical and spiritual purposes is the Patchouli plant.

What is Patchouli Plant?

Also known as the ‘scent of seduction’, Patchouli is a perennial herb that belongs to the mint family and has a strong smell like rich earth which is nostalgic for many people. 

Native to the Malay Archipelago and West Indies, the plant is cultivated in India, China, Indonesia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines and reaches the height of about three feet.

The patchouli plant is well known for its magical attributes has been used for medicinal, spiritual and magical purposes for a long time.

Patchouli Plant- Magical and Spiritual Uses
Patchouli Plant- Magical and Spiritual Uses

The plant is covered with purplish-white flowers and has a particular aroma on account of which it is extensively used by the practitioners of witchcraft. 

It is the dried leaves or the essential oil from the plant which is mostly used for rituals. At times the stem of the plant is also used.

Patchouli plant is widely associated with passion, love and wealth. Owing to its soil and earthy smell the plant is associated with rituals and spells related to money and prosperity.

It is also used for fertility spells and is also added to love sachets and baths. The smell of the plant or its oil is also used to promote lust.

Patchouli Plant for Money and Prosperity

Patchouli’s magical properties make it a plant that is commonly used for conducting money spells by witchcrafts. It is believed that Saturn, which is the god of hard-work, rewards, and hard-earned gains rules the Patchouli plant.

It is also believed that the spell to attract money and prosperity using a patchouli plant should be carried out on Saturday which is the day of Saturn.

For conducting the spell to attract money one should spread a green handkerchief and anoint a green and a white candle with patchouli oil. Then one should spread some oil on the soil of a potted plant.

Press a coin halfway in the pot and repeat a spell to attract money with lighted candles.

Patchouli Plant- Magical and Spiritual Uses
Patchouli Plant- Magical and Spiritual Uses

The spell is supposed to be repeated for nine days and each day the while candle is moved towards the green candle to bring them closer. While doing the spell some should visualize money coming in their life.

When the candles come close to each other on a ninth day the coin is removed from the soil and the spell is complete. It is believed that the coin should be spent and a new coin should be inserted in the soil to maintain the potency of the spell.

One can also draw the sign of dollar on a parchment paper and carry it with them in their wallet. While doing so you should visualize that your wallet is overflowing with money so much that it cannot be closed.

Patchouli Plant for Fertility:

Patchouli’s magical uses make it suitable for being used in fertility spells. On account of patchouli’s incense benefits, the leaves or the oil are added to the bathwater during the ritual bath. 

The ritual bath includes special herbs to absorb the incenses that are beneficial for achieving the desired goals.

For casting the fertility spell you need to place a pink female candle, a green male candle and a patchouli-scented candle near the bathtub. Patchouli leaves incense is added to the water. Add three drops of lemon oil, orange oil and lime oil each.

While submerging in the water one should meditate and imagine holding a newborn baby. Go in a state of deep relaxation and concentrate on what you desire. Stay in the water for 15 minutes and let the air dry you. Do not use the towel.

This way one can attract a newborn baby to their life or say cast a fertility spell using the patchouli’s magical properties.

Patchouli for attracting love and lust

Patchouli’s magical uses make it conducive for conducting the lust spells and also for attracting the love of one’s life. The best way to attract the person you love you can wear patchouli oil. Instead of using the oil one can also use the roots of the plant. For this, you can place some patchouli roots in the mojo bag and wear it around your neck or armor can also carry it in your bag.

Bath with water infused with patchouli’s leaves incense or the patchouli soap. If you aim to attract the one you love back to your life you can use patchouli incense while washing the floor of your house.

The pleasant odor of the patchouli oil or leaves is believed to summon the spirits of love and bring to you the person you desire to be with.

Patchouli for Meditation and Relaxation

Apart from being used only for casting magical spells, the patchouli plant is also used in various forms to promote meditation and relaxation.

Patchouli incense benefits by soothing and relaxing the irritated and tensed nerves of the human body. They have a harmonizing effect on the mind and the body and lets them enjoy sensuality.

You can use the patchouli’s magical properties on hectic days to regain your strength or can also use it to cure depression.

It integrates positive energy and lets a person forget the painful and troubling past thereby strengthening them.

Thus, as a representative of Earth Patchouli plant is used as an aid for casting spells and also to attain spiritual and mental growth. It is a powerful plant that evokes feelings of nostalgia, relaxation, love, and passion and hence is widely used by people to fulfill their desires.

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