Popular Games With The Theme Of Astrology

At one point or another, you must have looked up your star sign and got amazed by how specific it was in describing your personality traits and it all has to do with the position of the sun on the day you were born. The alignment of the stars and planets during birth is believed to create different energies that influence the individual’s personality and overall life Popular Games With The Theme Of Astrology.

Best Astrology Sites

If you want to get insights into someone’s personality traits, find out which career path to pursue or calculate your compatibility with other people, you need to visit the best astrology websites. With astrology websites, you can look up predictions for daily life, career advice, relationship guidance, and more.

The horoscope with the 12 zodiac signs is the result of an advanced astrological diagram created by the Babylonians as they discovered the different possible constellations of the planets. According to Astrology, we can use this knowledge to make important decisions in our lives. Understanding the importance of the zodiac sign on personality, health, and emotions can make it easier to find the right partner or to choose the right career path for your personality.

There are zodiac guides on basically anything from fashion to planting but the most popular are related to love and gambling. With the use of the lucky number of the zodiac sign and by choosing games based on the star sign, gamblers believe they can increase their chances of winning. Lucky stars or not, zodiac signs and astrology are common themes when it comes to games and it’s easy to understand you will have more fun by exploring astrology themed games that are perfectly designed just for you! 

Here are a few suggestions to get started with.

1. Booongo with Zodiac

For this game, your fate truly lies with the stars. Embrace yourself for an astrological experience like no other that incorporates loads of fun and a possibility of winning spectacular prizes. The game features up to 243 winning methods, five reels, among other attributes that make Booongo with Zodiac an all-rounded astrological game. Your character influences planets from space by controlling the 12 zodiac signs. It doesn’t matter if you subscribe to astrology, this is a game that you will enjoy. You can access Booongo with Zodiac from your tablet or an online browser.

2. Zodiac Slot

Astrology themed Zodiac slot games are popular in online casinos as well as land-based casinos. They are designed with multiple fun features to keep jaded astrology enthusiasts happy. Zodiac slot developed by Saucify features twelve zodiac stars, among many other additional features. You will enjoy a lot of free spin bonuses, multiplying wilds and scatters. All these options make it possible for any player to accumulate cash rewards.

To get started on the Zodiac Slot, you have to select a zodiac sign first, preferably yours or any other that you like. The selected sign becomes your prize money symbol. If your lucky stars shine on you, chances are you will walk away with up to 2,000 coins jackpot. Another benefit that comes with Zodiac Slot is its flexibility on a player’s budget. You can play with a small sum of just 0.20 up to 25.00.

3. Cleopatra: Riddle of the Tomb

The thrilling game has an ancient setting that takes a player back in history for a nerve-racking adventure. Kheops Studio develops the Cleopatra game, and it starts with the role of an apprentice astrologer. The game simulates the real history of ancient Egypt, featuring the conflict between Cleopatra and Ptolemy. The real adventure begins when your character starts seeking ancient secrets guided by signs.

4. Astrotheme

This game tests how well you know yourself and also examines your overall psychology. Many astrologist players have the time of their life playing Astrotheme. What’s even more exciting is that the game presents you with random astrological moments, so stay keen not to miss them Popular Games With The Theme Of Astrology. To get started, organize your personal tablet by selecting cards that represent your star sign. You then proceed by placing a total of ten red dots as instructed by the selected card and an additional of 4 dots based on attributes you see fit for yourself. Each player gets 12 turns for every zodiac sign. This is a game you will enjoy in groups, especially with family and friends.

5. Zodiac Wheel Slot

  This is a fun game for all believers of fate and those of us who know that our stars hold mystical power that can reveal some aspects of our future. EGT develops the Zodiac Wheel. To get started, you have to choose between a gypsy or an expert astronomer. Exciting right? Each one you select has the possibility of guiding you to a big cash prize. Additional features to the game include jackpot cards, bonuses, wild zodiac wheels, double or nothing property, scattered star charts, and so much more!

6. What’s Your AstroStyle? Party Game

This is a game to turn every party into a celebration of life. The game is carefully developed to lead you to your specific star power by revealing your sign. The accuracy of the game is simply breath-taking, probably because it was developed by a couple of specialists who are also professional astrologers for magazines and a couple of publishing companies. The central idea behind developing this game was to strengthen relationships between friends and family Popular Games With The Theme Of Astrology.

All participants have to answer hundreds of fun questions that reveal their innate hopes and dreams. The game also features astrological answers for real-life issues. Avid players of “What’s Your AstroStyle?” give fantastic feedback for this game, saying it lets groups bond and even share secrets that lead to hearty laughs. Three to six people can play the game.

Astrological themed games do not only offer a fun experience but also lets you learn. Find out when is your lucky day and try one of these popular zodiac games!

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