Sibling Rivalry Over Inheritance: WillsTrustsLPA Can Help

When a parent dies, one would expect siblings to pull together and comfort their brothers and sisters over the loss of their mother or father. It never happens, especially if the parent left a large amount of money in their inheritance. Sadly, truth is stranger than fiction.

Truth is that sibling rivalry will get stronger after the death of either parent. If one child had been ignored by their parents in their lifetime. The siblings will continue the legacy even after the death of a parent. In the real world, no one ever got their true rights just by asking nicely.

After asking nicely a sibling may get fed up with being ignored. The next step is to enter into legal litigation with their sibling over the matter. There is the famous case of the three brothers who fought over their mother’s £120,000 estate that in the end they were left with nothing.

What is the Reason For Sibling Rivalry Over Inheritance?

Siblings may enter into a judicial competition formally known as litigation to guarantee their rights.

  • A parent could have treated the children unequally in their will. Even the hint of inequality in the inheritance adds fuel to the fire of sibling rivalry once again. Taking matters to court can lead to an outcome that is completely different from the original context of the will.
  • One sibling might care for the parent at the stage closest to the end of life. The others might stay distant. The child taking care of their parent might feel entitled to a larger share of the inheritance than the others. 
  • The other siblings might think that their sibling took advantage of their parent. A sibling’s suspicion of the other child influencing their parents negatively can lead to fraud or abuse litigation.
  • The other siblings might have feelings of jealousy and resentment if their sibling is appointed as the executor and is also a beneficiary.
  • Sibling rivalry will raise its head if a parent dies without leaving behind a will.
  • If a parent writes a will that divides the family estate into unequal shares between their children. Sibling rivalry will become apparent after the death of the parent.
  • A child gets significant financial support from their parents during their lifetime. The same child also receives an equal share in the inheritance. The other children might conceive that their sibling got more than what should have been provided to them.  

Unfortunately, it is the truth that some children are waiting for their parents to die. These children are expecting to receive a generous inheritance just because they belong to this family. These children do not hesitate to contact a law firm like WillsTrustsLPA if their parent’s will leaves them with nothing.

The possibilities listed here are just the tip of the iceberg of the number of different situations which can occur. Whenever confronted with sibling rivalry over inheritance it is important to remember not to act emotionally.

Speak to a qualified lawyer, maintaining confidentiality, to help you make the right steps. Do not speak to relatives about the situation without speaking to a lawyer first. They will exacerbate the entire situation and you will end up getting nothing.

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