Spiritual and Symbolic Meaning of Hummingbirds.


How wonderful or amazing does it actually feels when not only one or two but many spiritual beings are surrounding you to convey you or to make you assured that they exist for something better. Spiritual beings work as a guidance to human so that they do not make any sort of wrong decisions and mistakes in their future walks of life.

These spiritual beings have many forms sometimes they are angels,sometimes they are butterflies , sometimes they appear in the form of birds like hummingbird and sometimes in the form of insects like honeybee. etc. These angelic creatures are acting upon us as a holy creature under whose invisible guidance we carry ourselves. So talking, about these spiritual creatures today, I will discuss about the hummingbird a bird as a spiritual guidance.

Spiritual and Symbolic meaning of hummingbird

The hummingbird as a spiritual animal symbolizes that one should pass his life in utmost enjoyment and lightness. The hummingbird generally symbolizes joy and playfulness as well as adaptability to the difficult situations in the most calm manner. The hummingbird is recognized as the most fascinating bird because of its ability to move its body  so swiftly as well as the changing of direction in such a quick and flexible manner.

If a hummingbird shows up in your life as a spiritual animal, than it may remind you that you should live your life fully and enjoy it to your best. Hummingbird also says that life often gives you some short lived but simple pleasures and that you should take time to enjoy them because one moment once gone can never come back,how hard you try because time waits for none. The prime message of the hummingbird animal is “THE SWEETEST NECTAR IS WITHIN” which means that the purity,energy,love,passion,courage and confidence lies within you and so you need to push them above all your fears.

 Meaning of hummingbird in context of Bible-

The holy book of Christians has embibed the meaning of every being as a separate gift of almighty and thus depicts the importance of each one of them. The Bible says, that hummingbird are such a  creature that tries to give or spread the happiness all round the globe.

Hummingbird move in such a pattern that they solidify their symbolism of eternity,continuity and infinity. Hummingbird also symbolizes that a person should try to live more in present rather than thinking about past and future. A person should be more independent and that he should not seek for help when he can help himself in most of the matters. Hummingbird tries to remove the negativity which an individual is holding as a result of bad experiences of the past. Hummingbird’d presence often pushes up the individual to be swift enough and to respond quickly to the happening before it is too late and to also to grab the opportunities that comes around. Hummingbird states that you should have a heart of kid and mind of an adult i.e. they try to deal any situation in a light manner, in a playful way as a kid does but at the same time should react like an adult when you need to make difficult or important decisions.

Meaning of hummingbird after death-

Hummingbirds are impossibly strong, fats and beautiful. They are revered for their speed and energy. If a hummingbird rovers nearby or especially if one lands near you it brings a message of joy and love.

Native Americans associated hummingbirds movement with a dance intended to bring balance to the world. Often the death of spiritual being and than there appearance is remarked as a bad omen but in case of hummingbird it is totally difficult as their appearance after death is considered to spread love,joy and happiness allover.

  • Meaning of hummingbird according to the Legends-

Innumerable tales are linked with the existence of hummingbird, the most popular is that of the believe of Native Americans. The Native Americans believe that this bird is a symbol of luck,devotion,permanence and also the cycle of life. They also use the feathers of these hummingbirds in their traditional dance depicting their symbolism.

  • Meaning of hummingbird according to Aztec-

Aztecs hold their own believe regarding the hummingbird. They say that hummingbird was the reincarnated form of the warriors ans they took this form to join their near god “HUITZILOPOCHTLI” who was also depicted in the form of a hummingbird on their neck to bring them good luck in war. This talisman also represented vigor and sexual potency.

  • Meaning of hummingbird according to Christianity-

Although there is no direct mention of hummingbird, specifically, religiously this bird depicts resurrection and is often considered as a messenger from heaven. The reason behind associating this delightful bird with resurrection is the fact that when it  sleeps at night, it appears to be lifeless and can be easily mistaken to be dead. However when the Sun rises it becomes extremely active and energetic as it ideally supposed to be.

  • Symbols of a hummingbird- 

A hummingbird symbolizes various factors which embarks the life of an individual in different ways. The various symbols of hummingbird are as follows-

  1. JOY- The hummingbird states that a person should live a joyful life.  A person should think that how full of fun the life of a hummingbird is bouncing from one place to another similarly one should be.
  2. STEPPING BACK- Sometimes it is essential that to move forward in your life, you have to take a step back at present. Hummingbird is one of those few birds of the world that possess the ability to fly backwards. Stepping backward is needed to examine the situation closely.
  3. BEING SPEEDY- The hummingbird represents speed and agility for obvious reasons. They remind us that sometimes in life it is advantageous to be able to act quickly in emergent situations.
  4. LIGHTNESS- The hummingbird is very light weight ,some weighting no more than a penny. This is symbolic of moving through life with a lightness.


After going through the various features that the hummingbird possess it is very much clear that hummingbird are definitely a beautiful creature that try to spread love, joy, devotion in the whole environment.

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  1. Wow I didn’t know this I seen a humming bird after work today for 15 min we stood face to face he didn’t move then after that he flew around me then took off

  2. I have these wonderful, magical little birds in my backyard every day all day long, at times there are as many as 15 or more, I make my own nectar for them and they love it so much that they cannot get enough and I love them so very much, everyone that visit me are amazed how many they are, some have never seen hummingbird and want to have them visit their yards. Thank you for this valuable information, I appreciate it because I truly needed to understand these little birds, your knowledge has improved my spirit and blessings. My Granddaughter sent me this link because she has experience the Hummingbird in my backyard.

  3. All this week a humming bird has flown on the same branch outside my bedroom window, at the same time I read my Bible. I know it is some kind of spiritual message that gives me the wisdom I need to make daily decisions. The bird seems quite content and at peace as he sits on the Branch. I want to purchase a treehouse for the bird. Do you think this is a good idea?

    I will be watching for his presence everyday.

  4. For about 7 days I’ve had this same hummingbird sit at my window an just watch.he hovered 2 times an looked in.he sits in the same place everyday.thats how I know it’s the same little bird.dont know what’s going on

  5. On July 22, 2019, my mom passed. One week later outside my condo, I came face to face with a hummingbird for the first time in my life. It was the most unique and calm experience and as I find articles like this, it is such an amazing revelation about that visit.
    Thank you!

  6. I saw a hummingbird bird Sunday and I had just finished talking about my mother who has passed on and how she would always call me to see it but it was gone already and just as I finished talking here came one it’s like my mother letting me know it is ok and everything will be alright

  7. Before my husband pass away this oct will be 1 year ago He was sat at the dinning room table and a hummingbird came up to the window and just stayed and my husband said to me a hummingbird came to me this morning and in a few mins it came back and he said it’s going to be ok and with in 1 week he passed away God had a new chapter in my life I open a new preschool on Monday and Friday a man was doing some work outside the school and saw a hummingbird and told me about it and I told him the story about my husband with the hummingbird before he passed away and he said oh man what a blessing that great so it’s going to be ok that’s him
    Looking over you and had tears of joy to know that a man that know about the story before saw a hummingbird what a sweet story .

  8. My Mother passed in 2015 very suddenly and my world shattered as I had lost my first and very best friend, my sounding board, the rock of my life. As I stood on my porch the morning after her passing I was suddenly nose to nose with this beautiful creature that she had adored since I could remember, chills came over me and I gasped as it took my breath away. I stood there for what seemed like eternity nose to nose with this beautiful little bird. My Step Father ran from the house to make sure I was ok and my little friend fluttered away. All I could say is, “Mom was just here”. To this day I can still feel her presence when I think of that experience. I knew she was trying to tell me that she was ok and that life would move on as she would have known my first thought would be to join her; and it was. At that time I couldn’t wrap my head around living life without her. I’m bipolar and have experienced a lot of trauma in my life and she was the angel that nurtured me through those times so how in the world would I navigate through life’s struggles without her? Losing her is the most traumatic thing I have ever experienced to date, even over a kidnapping I experienced at 14 and the one person I needed more then anything was the one person who was never going to be there again. I’ve always wondered if there was a deeper meaning to this experience and the few other similar ones that have happened since. It always happens when I’m really struggling. Common sense said she was there for comfort and strength but I always felt she was trying to send me a message, I finally feel that I understand now on a few different levels. She was a Christian and a Native American who always had a few hummingbird feeders in the yard. We even had one fly into our home one time. I would have never imagined that Mom’s little hobby would ever give me so much comfort and provide so much symbolism to my life one day? Thank you so much for writing this article and for putting so many things into perspective for me. I get it now Mom! Even in death you’re still my hero! This article is very valuable to me because in a sense it helped my Mother to speak to me from Heaven. My soul feels a little lighter tonight, and my heart is more at peace. The Lord gives us miracles in so many forms; some of them are so subtle we overlook them or take them for granted. I was granted one with the words on this page and I feel truly blessed.

  9. On April 28 2020, we had to put my beloved dog down due to an illness. The grieving for my fur baby has been heavy. I miss him daily. Today is Mothers Day. May 10, 2020. I am sitting on my deck, thinking that this is the 1st Mothers day I have been without him in 14 years. I look to the area he is laying to rest, and say I love you Jack. I pick up my phone for a second and hear this vibration, I look up, and there is a hummingbird within reach, I could feel the wind from its wings. It hovered in front of me for about 5 seconds, then flew towards where my fur baby lays. That very moment I just knew, Jack sent his message of love and joy, and he heard my I love you. Jack and I always sat on our deck together, to watch birds fly back and forth in the spring as they build their nests in our many birdhouses.


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