Spiritual and Symbolic Meaning of Hummingbirds.

How wonderful or amazing does it actually feels when not only one or two but many spiritual beings are surrounding you to convey you or to make you assured that they exist for something better. Spiritual beings work as a guidance to human so that they do not make any sort of wrong decisions and mistakes in their future walks of life.

These spiritual beings have many forms sometimes they are angels,sometimes they are butterflies , sometimes they appear in the form of birds like hummingbird and sometimes in the form of insects like honeybee. etc. These angelic creatures are acting upon us as a holy creature under whose invisible guidance we carry ourselves. So talking, about these spiritual creatures today, I will discuss about the hummingbird a bird as a spiritual guidance.

Spiritual and Symbolic meaning of hummingbird

The hummingbird as a spiritual animal symbolizes that one should pass his life in utmost enjoyment and lightness. The hummingbird generally symbolizes joy and playfulness as well as adaptability to the difficult situations in the most calm manner. The hummingbird is recognized as the most fascinating bird because of its ability to move its body  so swiftly as well as the changing of direction in such a quick and flexible manner.

If a hummingbird shows up in your life as a spiritual animal, than it may remind you that you should live your life fully and enjoy it to your best. Hummingbird also says that life often gives you some short lived but simple pleasures and that you should take time to enjoy them because one moment once gone can never come back,how hard you try because time waits for none. The prime message of the hummingbird animal is “THE SWEETEST NECTAR IS WITHIN” which means that the purity,energy,love,passion,courage and confidence lies within you and so you need to push them above all your fears.

 Meaning of hummingbird in context of Bible-

The holy book of Christians has embibed the meaning of every being as a separate gift of almighty and thus depicts the importance of each one of them. The Bible says, that hummingbird are such a  creature that tries to give or spread the happiness all round the globe.

Hummingbird move in such a pattern that they solidify their symbolism of eternity,continuity and infinity. Hummingbird also symbolizes that a person should try to live more in present rather than thinking about past and future. A person should be more independent and that he should not seek for help when he can help himself in most of the matters. Hummingbird tries to remove the negativity which an individual is holding as a result of bad experiences of the past. Hummingbird’d presence often pushes up the individual to be swift enough and to respond quickly to the happening before it is too late and to also to grab the opportunities that comes around. Hummingbird states that you should have a heart of kid and mind of an adult i.e. they try to deal any situation in a light manner, in a playful way as a kid does but at the same time should react like an adult when you need to make difficult or important decisions.

Meaning of hummingbird after death-

Hummingbirds are impossibly strong, fats and beautiful. They are revered for their speed and energy. If a hummingbird rovers nearby or especially if one lands near you it brings a message of joy and love.

Native Americans associated hummingbirds movement with a dance intended to bring balance to the world. Often the death of spiritual being and than there appearance is remarked as a bad omen but in case of hummingbird it is totally difficult as their appearance after death is considered to spread love,joy and happiness allover.

  • Meaning of hummingbird according to the Legends-

Innumerable tales are linked with the existence of hummingbird, the most popular is that of the believe of Native Americans. The Native Americans believe that this bird is a symbol of luck,devotion,permanence and also the cycle of life. They also use the feathers of these hummingbirds in their traditional dance depicting their symbolism.

  • Meaning of hummingbird according to Aztec-

Aztecs hold their own believe regarding the hummingbird. They say that hummingbird was the reincarnated form of the warriors ans they took this form to join their near god “HUITZILOPOCHTLI” who was also depicted in the form of a hummingbird on their neck to bring them good luck in war. This talisman also represented vigor and sexual potency.

  • Meaning of hummingbird according to Christianity-

Although there is no direct mention of hummingbird, specifically, religiously this bird depicts resurrection and is often considered as a messenger from heaven. The reason behind associating this delightful bird with resurrection is the fact that when it  sleeps at night, it appears to be lifeless and can be easily mistaken to be dead. However when the Sun rises it becomes extremely active and energetic as it ideally supposed to be.

  • Symbols of a hummingbird- 

A hummingbird symbolizes various factors which embarks the life of an individual in different ways. The various symbols of hummingbird are as follows-

  1. JOY- The hummingbird states that a person should live a joyful life.  A person should think that how full of fun the life of a hummingbird is bouncing from one place to another similarly one should be.
  2. STEPPING BACK- Sometimes it is essential that to move forward in your life, you have to take a step back at present. Hummingbird is one of those few birds of the world that possess the ability to fly backwards. Stepping backward is needed to examine the situation closely.
  3. BEING SPEEDY- The hummingbird represents speed and agility for obvious reasons. They remind us that sometimes in life it is advantageous to be able to act quickly in emergent situations.
  4. LIGHTNESS- The hummingbird is very light weight ,some weighting no more than a penny. This is symbolic of moving through life with a lightness.


After going through the various features that the hummingbird possess it is very much clear that hummingbird are definitely a beautiful creature that try to spread love, joy, devotion in the whole environment.


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