Symbolic & Spritual meaning of ButterFly


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If it was about beauty, we quoted “nature”,if it was about care , we quoted “family”, if it was about feathers,we quoted “birds” and if it was about colors,we quoted “BUTTERFLY”. Yes! you heard it right. All these elements have made our life so beautiful that the absence of these earthly things makes it completely difficult for us to adjust with the homely chores.

We had often talked about and heard about the existence of angels and have realized that how they have surrounded us from every area in order to support us and protect us. The angels are not only in human structural form but they do exist in form of animal kingdom as well. Angels do exist in form of the butterfly. Butterfly as a small thing has its own spiritual and symbolic meaning and significant to many people in different manner.

Symbolic & Spiritual Meaning of Butterfly

Have you been seeing lots of butterflies, either in dreams or in reality? If so than butterfly may be appearing as a power animal for you. Butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life. Many cultures associate the butterfly with our souls. Butterfly appears to be a power animal as power animals butterflies are magical and cherished for their immense beauty. They represent spiritual rebirth, transformation,creativity,endless potential and an ability to experience the wonder of life,butterflies are a reminder of the divine presence and magic in all of life and a call to embrace and tune into it with all senses and mind.

Meaning of Butterfly in the Bible

The Christian religion sees the butterfly as a symbol of resurrection. Around the world, people view the butterfly as representing endurance,change,hope and life. There is no doubt the butterfly has significant meaning to us. The cycle of butterfly in and of itself holds spiritual teaching and insight for us.

Monarch Butterfly Symbolism

Wondering what kind of butterfly it is,well let me tell you monarch butterflies are beautiful creatures. They show inspiration,beauty and tenderness. Monarch butterflies are often depicted as vessels for diseased ones to make themselves sensed in the physical world.

  • They are a sign of spiritual transformation- The monarch butterfly is an important sign if you are walking on a spiritual path. Monarch butterfly can be a sign from your angels.
  • Sign from the spiritual realms- If someone you cared, died recently then the monarch butterflies might be the sign because butterflies easily travel between the world and soul.

Spiritual Meaning of Butterfly Colors

Every color has its own significance and importance and so thus the colors in butterflies. So here are meanings of certain colorful butterflies that will give you insight knowledge as to how butterflies color vary from each other.

White Butterfly Meaning

We all know that from ages, white has been segregated for purity. Be it white butterfly,white dove or white rose. White butterfly is  a clear sign that the spiritual world has a message for you. The spiritual of a butterfly depends on the cultures of the earth. According to Chinese symbology a white butterfly symbolized the soul of a departed loved one.

  • White butterfly as messengers of change- white butterflies are often regarded as messengers that a spiritual change is about to enter in your life. They also embark as a sign of spiritual practice,growth and wisdom. The white butterfly may be a sign that you are on the right path.
  • Representative of good luck- in many religions of the world the white butterfly has been taken into consideration in form of good luck.
  • They are carriers of dreams- The american tribe called blackfoot consider the white butterflies as the carriers of dreams. This defines a fact that they can easily travel between the spiritual and physical world.
  • Message from angelic world-White butterflies are said to bring message from the angel worls saying that a spiritual change is about to come soon.

Yellow  Butterfly Meaning

Yellow color has always been known for the welcoming and new hopes which a person endeavours in his life for the future. A yellow butterfly fluttering near you has much to say. Yellow butterflies indicates good news,achieve your goals and experience  the positivity.

Meaning of butterfly according to different cultures-

  • Ancient cultures-According to past eras, the encounter of a yellow butterfly by a sailor was an indication for him to be more cautious on  his voyage.
  • Irish culture-Irish culture defines yellow butterfly as the indicators of departed souls who are resting peacefully after death.
  • English culture-english culture says that the sickness or bad days in the form of sickness are about to enter for your family so try to prevent sickness.
  • Scottish men- Scottish men takes the seeing of yellow butterfly as a fortunate being. They think it indicates that soul is in good place i.e. heaven


Black Butterfly Meaning

Black butterfly has always been dedicated for the bad or the darkness that is yet to enter in the life of an individual.Black butterfly though not common like other butterflies but the meaning is often omnious. Black butterflies have numerous personal meaning depending upon the believes of people. various cultures have their own perception.

  • Chinese culture- Chinese men take the black butterfly as asymbol of death. It is always consiidered as a warning that someone is going to die soon.
  • Celtic culture-They say that black butterflies are the souls of deceased people who are unable to move on or carry themselves to the after life.
  • Aztec mythology-According to their mythology black butterfly represents change,transition,freedom,rebirth. Black colored butterflies are also linked with power,authority,sexuality,mystery,anger,fear,evil etc.

Orange Butterfly Meaning

Like the different colors embibed in the butterfly the color orange has its own significance. An orange butterfly represents the aggressiveness. Although the orange color butterfly urges us to stay positive but at the same time reflects the anger and frustration.

An orange butterfly represents passion. The orange butterfly is associated with sun,life and consciousness. An orange butterfly encourages us to be more sociable and thus making out with new people and leading a happy life.

I hope now you are familiar with the power of butterfly as an animal, by looking at the qualities of the butterflies its strength and tendencies we are always ignited with enthusiasm.

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  1. Well, I had an coloerful butterfly show up , all dark brown, with an white spoy & bright yellow spot, and a little orange ,this one has been hanging around for 2 days now. Just wondering ? This one landed on my drink cup ,right in frount of me!!, hung on for about 2 or 3 seconds, still just wondering!!, Love thoes beautiful Butterflies.

  2. We found a dead white butterfly in our bed between my husbands pillows and mine. The other night we were listening to the word of God and we heard 3 soft knocks outside our window?? We are confused as to what to think or the meanings??

  3. I have seen 4 Monarch butterflies today. One
    crossing the street leaving work, Secondly. getting out of my car and then start noticing they are flying everywhere.

    About a month ago, I saw one outside of my car while sitting and there was indeed one. Struggling to fly as i looked out my window.

    I have been seeking God before seeing these Monarchs.


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