We all know very well that this year we are suffering from a fatal disease. Due to this deadly virus, billions of people died worldwide. Even it made it difficult for us to earn livings. In such a pandemic situation, the study has also been impacted by Worsley. Children are staying at home without going to school. Also, it made it difficult for those children who are under 10 years.

The flaws that covid-19 produced are fulfilled by technology. During its higher ratio of spreading, it was difficult for all of us to devise a way of live education writezillas.com said. Meanwhile, technology helps by introducing many teaching and learning mediums. Today, we will discuss some of them, So let’s start with it;

  • Teleschool

Teleschool is an incredible innovation in this crisis. We were addicted to learning physically and having interactions between our fellows as well as teachers. So it wasn’t easy to understand visually. Therefore, teleschool proved to be effective. It is a TV channel specially rendered by the government for education purposes. Similar to college and school study periods, it has its timetable of classes to learn.

If you also want the coverage of this teleschool channel, you may ask the tv and aerials installation service provider.

  • Zoom/ Google meet

Before introducing teleschools, these apps were proved to help all students either they are university students or school students. With the help of these applications, teachers can schedule a class meeting in which they are live to discuss their lectures. Although there was not the same interaction as in physical, it was helpful by video calling and microphones options.

If you are not familiar with using it, you can search for zoom beginner tutorials and advanced. In both applications, you have extra controls like muting someone’s mic or removing them from meetings, etc.

  • Google classroom

Google classroom could be said as light in the darkness. It is such a great application that would let you take exams, attendance as well as assignments. It is providing a similar interface as we do in physical sessions. So, to continue studies, no application could be more helpful than google classroom.

Though all these technologies help study online. But there may be an issue of “not responding,” “meeting error,” and others. Therefore, in my opinion, tele schools are best to use as a study medium for all. So if you don’t have coverage of teleschool channels, you can visit tv and aerials installation service, providers.

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