The boom of the online space has made our lives so much simpler and more convenient, not only has it made it simpler to buy and receive products but it has made access to information that much easier and more affordable. Being online means that so many of the usual financial responsibilities of having a brick and mortar establishment now become obsolete, this, in turn, ensures that companies are able to spend more money providing a wider range of services, including language learning courses.

Moving these services online means that prospective students no longer have to visit physical classrooms, they can simply do it from the comfort of their own homes. Online lessons also mean more freedom in personal schedules as well as the ability to learn more than one language simultaneously. However, sometimes finding the right service provider can be tricky, especially when it’s your first foray into the world of languages. Below we have done the work for you by compiling a list of 20 of the best online language learning courses, including comprehensive courses from AmazingTalker. Make sure you take a look at Amazing Talker’s list of Spanish Tutors, English Tutors and more online language tutors.


1. AmazingTalker – Various Spanish lessons with native speakers

Difficulty: Beginner

Comprehensive online lessons from your choice of native Spanish speaking tutor

Available On: iOS, Android, Main website

Price: Prices for courses range from around $14 for a 25-minute single lesson course to $24 for a single 50-minute course.

Time to complete: Depending on the number of lessons signed up for, students will need to set aside anywhere from 25 to 50 minutes per lesson

Description: For beginners looking to get their start with the Spanish language this course is perfect. Taught by Laura who possesses over 5 years of experience, she will be able to walk even the most inexperienced through the language with perfect ease. This course is also ideal for learners of all ages so everyone should feel welcome. Taught by a warm and welcoming professional, this course will not only teach you the basics of Spanish but also everything needed to easily and fluently converse with native Spanish speakers

2. Babbel – Digital Spanish Lessons

Difficulty: Beginner-Advanced

The perfect learning experience for those on the go

Available On: Android, iOS & Main Website

Price: While there are free versions, learners may choose to sign up for app subscriptions beginning from $15 for one month and $7 for 12 months.

Time to complete: As the lessons are completed through the app, learners may do so at their own pace with no limit being set.

Description: Needing no introduction, Babbel has quickly taken over the language learning world to become one of the most used and sought-after platforms. Offering customers a quick and easy way to learn any language, the app offers users the opportunity to learn through a host of mediums such as online podcasts, traditional live lessons as well as quick-fire lessons perfect for the person on the go. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, Babbel is the perfect app for anyone looking for a convenient way to learn Spanish.

3. Pimsleur – App-based Spanish Lessons

Difficulty: Beginner-Advanced

Perfect for those looking to start their voyage into the world of Spanish in a fun and interactive way.

Available On: Android, iOS, Main Website

Prices: All packages cost $150

Time to complete: Learners should set aside at least 16 hours for the lessons to be completed.

Description: Pimsleur brings together a perfect storm of ideal learning methods to bring learners up to speed with the world of Spanish. The platform uses the interactive world of online apps to demystify and ease learners into the Spanish language. Not only is the app completely thorough, but the plethora of learning modalities keeps the experience fun, light, and informative. Users can look forward to gaining access to learning methods such as the use of flashcards, role play, and fun games to name a few.

4. Lengalia – Spanish Grammar Online: Absolute beginners

Difficulty: Beginner

Give yourself the opportunity to learn everything from the basics of Spanish to its most complex aspects at your own pace.

Available on: Main Website

Price: Customers can expect to pay anywhere from $6 for a 12-month course or $34 for a 1-month course

Time to complete: As stated above, this is dependent on the course purchased, learners will need to set aside anywhere from 1 – 12 months to complete these courses.

Description: Starting at the very beginning, Lengalia offers learners lessons that begin with the very basics of Spanish. Ideal for those who feel slightly intimidated with the undertaking of learning the language, this platform allows learners to walk through the language in an unhurried way, giving them the chance to fully grasp its nuances, beginning with a focus on one of its most important aspects, grammar. Newcomers needn’t worry, an introductory test is performed when signing up to grasp their skill level in order to craft the perfect course.

5. EDX- Basic Spanish

Difficulty: Beginner

Perfect for those seeking Spanish lessons for use in the business world.

Available On: Main Website

Price: Learners can expect to pay $126 for the full 4-month course.

Description: Acting as the middle man for various online learning institutions, EDX brings together lessons from the best of the best in order for you to choose the one that will best suit your needs. Their Basic Spanish course offers learners the opportunity to earn a professional accredited language certificate from one of Spain’s best universities. This course is perfect for beginners wanting to learn the language at a collegiate level with the possibility of it being used in a professional setting.

6. Duolingo – App-based Spanish lessons

Difficulty: Beginner – advanced

Take your learning with you in your pocket, no matter where you go

Available On: iOS, Android

Price: Use of the app and its program is completely free

Time to complete: Learners may complete the exercises at their own speed

Description: After taking the language learning world by storm, no one could say that they haven’t heard of or seen the green Duolingo owl. With a large variety of languages on offer, those looking to learn Spanish need only to download the app on their smartphone, and the learning can begin. The app not only encourages learners with daily rewards for milestones reached but also provides a fun competitive aspect, allowing you to track your progress in comparison to others learning the same language.

7. Superprof – Various Spanish languages taught by native Spanish speakers

Difficulty: Beginner-Advanced

Start your journey into the world of Spanish by pairing with the perfect tutor to suit your needs, whether you’re looking to learn conversational Spanish or start at the beginning.

Available On: Main Website

Price: With most tutors charging by the hour, students can expect to pay anything from $8 per hour to $20 per hour

Time to complete: The duration of the lessons will be determined by the needs of the student and their tutor

Description: What sets Superprof apart from the rest is that the power is in your hands as a student. This platform allows you to browse through the profiles of native Spanish speakers around the world and find the tutor who you feel will best resonate with your needs. This freedom allows an openly communicative relationship to ensue between student and teacher, meaning that lessons have a more free-flowing nature. Students can collaborate with their tutors to find the learning modalities that best suit them.

8. Let’s Learn Spanish – A1 Beginners (level 1-3)

Difficulty: Beginner-Advanced

The ideal way for complete beginners to have an in-depth understanding of the Spanish language set at a manageable pace.

Available On: Main Website

Price: Prices for all Level 1-3 courses are charged at a $282 once off fee

Time to complete: Learners may sign up for 2 week or 10 week lessons.

Description: Perfect for those looking for accredited lessons, this platform brings together some of the best qualified Spanish tutors to bring lessons that are in line with GCSE and CEFR standards. The Lessons also include a host of resources that are compiled by tutors and created especially for every student at every learning level. The platform also offers students a variety of post-lesson materials such as lesson summaries and audio guides to ensure that whether they’ve signed up for in-person or online classes, the learning never has to stop.

9. Lingoda – Subscripted Spanish lessons

Difficulty: Beginner-Advanced

Fully accredited lessons that are perfect for the professional world, available 24/7.

Available On: Main Website

Price: Prices range from $11 dollars per class on a monthly subscription and $8 per class for the Marathon Courses package.

Time to complete: Users can sign up for month-to-month lessons, choosing when to complete them or for set packages of 3,6, and 12 months.

Description: Whether you’re looking to pick up a new language for use in your professional life or simply looking to pick up a new skill, Lingoda is the perfect place to be. The platform gives students a host of lessons that will have them speaking the language of their choice perfectly in no time, not only do you learn the obvious words and phrases but students are taught the necessary accents and intonations needed to sound like fluent locals and all by accredited Spanish speaking teachers. Students can also look forward to receiving feedback in real-time.

10. Rosetta Stone- Spanish (Latin America)

Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced

Take your language understanding from intermediate to fluently second nature

Available On: Android, iOS, Main Website

Price: Prices range from $36 for the 3-month package, $96 for the 12-month package, and $179 for the lifetime package.

Time to complete: As stated above, depending on the package purchased users will need to set aside 3 or 12 months or learn as they please with the lifetime package.

Description: Hailed as one of the most comprehensive learning platforms, Rosetta Stone offers learners the opportunity to have an immersive learning experience. The platform helps students learn the language by offering a variety of modalities through which to learn, students can look forward to not only having written texts to learn from but also podcasts, interactive activities as well as audio guides from native Spanish speakers. The platform also makes it a habit to introduce new skills to learners at a pace perfectly suited to their learning journey, to help undercut how overwhelming learning a new language can be.

11. Coffee Break Languages – Spanish online lessons

Difficulty: Intermediate

Short, quick lessons characterised by real-world situations, put into fun podcast “seasons”

Available On: iOs, Main website

Price: Online lessons cost a once-off payment of $124

Time to complete: Students will need to set aside 15 – 20 minutes per lesson

Description: Coffee Break learning removes the formality out of learning a new lesson by giving students a more relaxed way to learn Spanish. Through its use of Spanish podcasts the platform helps students learn Spanish in a relaxed and informative way that is still every bit as thorough, the podcasts cover everyday conversational topics allowing learners to get a comprehensive grasp of the Spanish language from the perspective of a native Spanish speaker. However this is not the only resource on offer, the platform also offers well-rounded online courses which include video and audio lessons as well as post-class notes to revise.

12. Coursera – Small Talk & Conversational Vocabulary

Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced

Find the right course for your life needs whether it’s for travel or medical situations

Available On: Main Website

Price: This course is completely free of charge

Time to complete: 1 Hour

Description: Offering a high-end experience, Coursera brings its students a plethora of course options. Whether you’re a complete beginner, somewhere in between, or simply trying to brush up on your skills you can engage in courses on everything from simplified vocabulary to small talk. This course is perfect for anyone looking to achieve a well-rounded understanding of Spanish in order to more easily converse with natives on their travels.

13. Rocket Languages – Rocket Spanish lessons

Difficulty: Beginner-Advanced

Give yourself a comprehensive way to not only learn Spanish but immerse yourself in the Spanish culture through language.

Available On: iOS, Android, Main Website

Price: Learners will pay anywhere from $20 for the beginner course to $263 for the most advanced courses.

Time to complete: Each package has its own stipulated learning time, ranging from 134 hrs to 370 hrs total. Users are free to split these hours up as they please to better suit their schedules**.**

Description: Rocket Languages approaches the task of learning a new language from a unique perspective. Not only do they employ qualified teachers but they ensure that every tutor comes with a deep appreciation and love of the language. This enthusiasm ensures that every lesson will be deeply informative and rewarding. The platform utilises over 30 well-researched methods to ensure that students leave with an advanced understanding of the Spanish language.

14. LiveLingua – Private Spanish Tutoring

Difficulty: Beginner-Advanced

Personalised Spanish lessons for those of any experience level.

Available On: Main Website

Price: All lessons are charged on a per hour basis, starting at $20

Time to complete: Users may select how long lessons will run by choosing a specific amount of hours when signing up.

Description: For those looking for a more bespoke, tailored experience, Livelingua is the way to go. The platform ensures that only the best native Spanish teachers are hand-selected to provide the best, immersive learning experience. Not only are the ideal tutors carefully selected but learners can look forward to personalised lesson plans being drawn up to suit their experience level. The platform offers learners a way to learn the language in an environment that is perfectly suited to them and challenging enough to keep them engaged.

15. FluentU – Spanish Immersion Online course

Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced

The best way to learn Spanish immersively

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Users may sign up for a 14 day free trial period, pay $30 per month or $20 per month for a year-long subscription.

Time to complete: Learners may choose to complete lessons in any time frame which suits them. This is only dependent on the package purchased when downloading the app.

Description: Available for download through major mobile app stores, this platform is perfect for those looking to pick up Spanish in a limited amount of time. Through the compilation of real-life Spanish videos, learners may choose to set up their schedule and perfectly coordinate their lessons with their busy everyday lives, not only this but it can be done anywhere with access to the internet from the comfort of their mobile phone. So for those days when getting up from the sofa just seems like too much work, Fluentu has you covered.

16. Ouino Languages – Complete guide to Spanish

Difficulty: Beginner-Advanced

A completely well-rounded approach to the language. One of the best ways to invest in your Spanish learning experience.

Available On: iOS, Main Website

Price: Users can sign up for 3-month access for $14 per month, 6-month access for $10 per month or 12-month access for $7 per month. Alternatively, users may also sign up for lifetime access for only 86€ once off.

Time to complete: As stated above students may choose to dedicate 3,6 or 12 months to their studies

Description: Ouino is a platform that allows true freedom when it comes to learning. Available both as a PC program and as a downloadable app, the platform throws the rule book out of the window by allowing learners to take lessons in any order that may suit their needs. Those looking to better understand everything from pronunciation to verbs and conjugations have come to the right place with Ouino. Students can also look forward to keeping track of their learning progress, instilling a sense of pride and resolve to keep going.

17. SpanishVIP – Personalised Spanish classes

Difficulty: Beginner-Advanced

Change the way you learn Spanish with fun, personalised classes tailored to fit your needs.

Available On: Main Website

Price: Learners may sign up for various courses with the Starter course costing $129 per month, the Conversational course costing $399 for 3 months, and the Fluent course costing $69 for 6 months.

Time to complete: Students may sign up for classes on a per month basis, 3-month basis and 6-month basis.

Description: Inject some fun into your lessons. Setting itself apart, SpanishVIP prides itself on being able to offer students, personalised group and individual classes. The platform personalises each course structure to suit the needs of the individual student in question, not only this but group lessons allow for fun interaction with other students as well as a helpful way to learn to speak the language with others on your experience level.

18. Story Learning – Fluent Spanish Academy

Difficulty: Intermediate

Learn Spanish in a new and completely inventive way

Available On: Main Website

Price: Students can purchase year-long membership which costs $315

Time to complete: Lessons can be completed at the pace set by the student

Description: Utilising an innovative and different approach to learning, having realised that not everybody’s brain is trained to understand and grasp the language in the same way they have crafted the perfect alternative method for language learning, through storytelling. This method takes the pressure out of traditional learning methods such as textbooks and classroom lectures. This platform is ideal for those who find themselves easily distracted or seeking an alternative and fun way to pick up a new language.

19. SpanishPod101 – Immersive Spanish Lesson

Make learning Spanish fun and interactive

Available On: Main Website

Price: Users can sign up for various subscription tiers ranging from $8 for one month to $619 for 24 months

Time to complete: Users may choose to complete the course for anywhere from 1 – 24 months

Description: Perfecting the art of learning on the go, SpanishPod101 helps learners develop a full understanding of the Spanish language in half the time. The platform uses short audio recordings and videos to get learners up to speed with the nuances of the Spanish language. Learners can also look forward to the use of word lists, flashcards, and line-by-line breakdowns of the Spanish sentences to highlight important grammatical and intonation features.

20. Lingodeer – Spanish app-based lessons

Difficulty: Beginner-Intermediate

Use a smarter, more well thought out and structured way of learning Spanish

Available On: iOS, Android, Main Website

Price: Users can choose to pay $15 per month, $40 per quarter or $80 per year.

Time to complete: The user is in complete control of the pace and frequency of their lessons

Description: Customise your learning experience to perfectly suit your needs. Lingodeer offers its users just that, with the app, users can customize everything from the text font used to the lesson plan that would best suit their experience level. With its method of teaching, learners will more readily retain information through the use of flashcards, practice questions, and the explanation of the key grammatical features of the Spanish language. Perfect for anyone on the go, the app also allows users to save their materials for use when offline.

Take control of your Spanish lessons

After gaining a deep understanding of just how learning online might be the best option for you and your situation, we hope that the list above can help you begin your journey into the world of learning Spanish. The breakdown of platforms highlights the understanding that not everyone learns and retains information in the same way and so taking a different approach per person is often the most beneficial way to learn. Hopefully, this information will help each reader find the course that is best suited to their skill, needs, and schedule. The list of platforms such as AmazingTalker ensures that no matter your reason for learning, it’s easy to find the right course to best suit you.0

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