Types of Earth Angels & their Characteristics


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Types of Earth Angels

Earth angels are said to be bodies with supernatural powers. An Earth angels is not the same as an angel coming to earth on a mission or willingly defying God, coming here in biological or pure photonic light form. These earth angels are fully aware of what they are and also that why do they exist on our planet. A curiosity arose what do earth angels look like so here we give answer of these things.  An earth angel may dwell at any place be it a church, or any other holy place. Earth angels also have some mission & always serve according to divine, divine including greater, love, grace, joy, light etc.

Earth Angels Characteristics

Well, everyone has its own sort of characteristics  which make them look beautiful. These qualities of earth angels help to distinguish them from other angels that subsist on earth. God sent the message to us with some Angel numbers. The characteristics of earth angels are as follows-

  • SENSITIVE TO THEMSELVES- Every person is able to recognize or use their one to two senses at a single time but it is only the earth angel who is able to open and use up all of its sensory system at all times. Earth angels experience themselves to be in constant contact with the divine bodies.
  • AUTHENCITY-One of the characteristics of the earth angels is to be authentic. Earth angels know who they really are and how they need to represent themselves. There is no fakeness in their gestures, in their activities. They exist as they are without any duality.
  • COMPASSIONATE- There is a zeal and passion in the hearts of the earth angels. Earth angels completely understand that there is no distinction between the creations of god. It is this characteristic of earth angels that do not separate or differentiate between people, cultures,and religion.
  • HEALING- Healing is the quality that makes the work or job of earth angels a difficult task. Earth angels know as to how it is to forget there past life and thus try to adopt this life with much care, awareness,selflessness. They try to help others to ensure that no one suffers through bad.
  • INTEGRITY-The another characteristic of earth angels is integrity. There are many ways in which people work with their energy but the sign of a true earth angel is to work with integrity. Earth angels believe that whatever they do, they do with purity, love and respect. They do not converse with astral beings which lower down their self esteem. They maintain a communication with the angelic realm and with the divine.
  • LOVE-Love is itself a beautiful feeling. The humanity exist on earth when love enters people hearts. This quality of love is so much embedded in the earth angels that there is no seam between their world and spirit universe. Earth angels tend to love every person around the globe equally. It is their love for everyone which makes them lovable.
  • SENSE OF PURPOSE-Earth angels know their purpose, they know the reason that why do they exist and so they always pray that there life is in alignment with the will of god.

Qualities of an Angel

After knowing these unique characteristic and qualities of earth angels the next question that arises in mind is that how these earth angels actually look like. Earth angels are incredibly pure spiritual beings of love and light. Earth angels are on a much different evolutionary path than humanity. Well, the answer to how they really look is that angels are energyfull and so there appearance is not static. So some of the features of appearance of earth angels are as follows-

  • BRILLIANT LIGHT- Earth angels appear as pure light. Earth angels may appear as translucent beings radiating light or blocks of colored energy. They have flicker in air or may roll down to land to shimmer their light.
  • BALANCED MASCULINE FEMININE- Earth angels best feature is that they maintain a perfect balance of masculine and feminine energies. Neither they are too lovable nor they are much vibrant. Earth angels decide there behavior on the basis of what will most serve you the best.
  • AGELESS-Age is such a concept that distincts the human concept but these earth angels are timeless. There soul do not define any age. Everything embedded in there soul defines a meaning.

These were some unique characteristics and qualities of earth angels that make them look beloved, special, and charming so if you find such a personality endure it. Hope above content answer you about what do earth angels look like.


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  1. I believe my Great granddaughter was an Earth Angel , she passed just before 3months old, when she was born I whispered in her ear I baptize you in the name of the Father, son and Holy Spirit, she was perfect, in every way, she had her first set of shots and passed the next day, she was awesome, her name is Iris Evergreen, evergreen meaning forever, when I see a butterfly nearme I think it is her coming to visit in Spirit..


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