Understanding The Hawaiian Healing Prayer Ho’oponopono

No matter which religion you belong to or what part of the world you live in, you are bound to have one thing in common with practically the whole planet The Hawaiian Healing Prayer Ho’oponopono. People are born to live and during their lives, a lot of resentments and regrets tend to accumulate.

At a certain point, you might feel like it is all just too much and that you cannot take any more disappointments, either in yourself or in your loved ones. It seems that the people of Hawaii have the answer to these struggles, as you can see here.

We all pride ourselves in being able to forgive and forget, but the truth is that most people simply shove the resentments under the carpet, without even trying to actually focus on forgiving. Forgiveness is a virtue that everybody wants, but very few people have. Those who know how to do it the right way also know that it’s important for themselves just as much as for other people.

If you are among those who want to be forgiving, you might find comfort in certain prayers and rituals. Some of those are more effective than others, though. The thing that determines success or failure in this regard is your own will and determination to get the peace of mind that you deserve.

In case you cannot seem to find the prayer that speaks precisely about forgiveness, teaching you about reconciliation with others just as much as about self-love, I have a suggestion to make. It goes without saying that self-love is extremely important. It is actually the first step towards loving other people.

When you decide it’s time to practice forgiveness and get some peace of mind, I suggest you visit https://hooponoponomiracle.com/ and get acquainted with the Hawaiian healing prayer. You will quickly notice that it is much more than a simple forgiveness prayer. It helps you get your whole life in order by becoming the better version of yourself and getting rid of any constraints that might be holding you back.

Understanding The Hawaiian Healing Prayer Ho’oponopono
Prayer Ho’oponopono

What Is The Ho’oponopono Prayer?

Let us take a closer look at this healing and therapeutic prayer that seems to be an amazing tool for reaching that peaceful state everyone is longing for. As you might have guessed, the Ho’oponopono prayer originates from the Hawaiian culture. Hawaiians definitely have a lot to teach us when the philosophy of life is in question and this is the proof.

In a world where everyone feels so distant from others and so alone, the Ho’oponopono practice helps us realize that we all live in unity. It’s based on the principle that we are all connected to each other by an unbreakable bond. Merely thinking that way and starting to feel that connection to other people can have a therapeutic effect.

The philosophy that this prayer is based on also has a healing effect. That’s the philosophy that we are all responsible for our own realities. We are the ones that own our feelings and our emotions. Owning them means that we can also produce them, control them, and push them in the right direction.

Understanding The Hawaiian Healing Prayer Ho’oponopono
Understanding The Hawaiian Healing Prayer Ho’oponopono

Thanks to this philosophy, the Hawaiian practice of reconciliation teaches us that we are the only ones that can forgive, even if someone else has wronged us. We are the ones responsible for letting go of resentment and achieving the much-needed peace that way. Resentment can only make us bitter and bitterness leads towards unhappiness.

I’m sure that we all want to be happy and saying “forgive me” and “I forgive you” plays a crucial part in being able to achieve that happiness. The Ho’oponopono prayer takes things a step further by helping you forgive yourself as well. We all make mistakes, but we all deserve reconciliation with our own selves and with other people.

How To Practice It?

We all understand that forgiving certain things can be difficult and that we might need some help from time to time. Ho’oponopono is there to help and it is fairly easy to practice. The healing effects that this prayer produces are very gratifying. That means that you’ll love engaging in this practice, simply because it will make you feel better The Hawaiian Healing Prayer Ho’oponopono.

There are four most important steps in this prayer and all of those fit into a few very simple sentences. In other words, saying this prayer is as simple as it gets. Yet, the powerful words and the messages that it carries are more than enough to help you heal yourself. Click this to learn the prayer.

Those four steps that I mentioned are repentance, forgiveness, gratitude, and, of course, love. The first step is to acknowledge your own responsibility for the events that are occurring and start feeling sorry. Even if you’re not the direct cause for a certain unpleasant situation, this practice teaches you to assume responsibility.

Understanding The Hawaiian Healing Prayer Ho’oponopono
Healing Prayer Ho’oponopono

The second step is to ask for forgiveness. Ho’oponopono is based on the principle that we are responsible for everything that’s going on in the world and in our minds. Even though this might seem like a big burden to carry, it’s actually a really healing concept. Once you ask for forgiveness, you’ll feel immense relief, even though you might not have been the one that caused anyone any harm directly.

Gratitude is the next important element. Find the things that you are thankful for and say “thank you”. It doesn’t matter if you’re saying it out loud to someone or you’re whispering it in your head to yourself. The whole point is to start feeling thankful to yourself and to all the other people around you.

Read this to understand Ho’oponopono a bit better: https://graceandlightness.com/hooponopono-hawaiian-prayer-for-forgiveness/

Finally, you’ll also need to practice loving and saying “I love you”. Once again, say it to yourself, to other people, to the tree under which you are sitting, the book that you are reading, and the sky that’s above you. By practicing this prayer over and over again, you’ll quickly reach a peaceful state of mind that you’re striving for. Say it with me: I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I’m grateful. I love you.

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