Unexpected uses of bingo cards around the world

You may not realise it but we use bingo in many aspects of our lives, below are some of the most unexpected uses of bingo cards – play Barbados Bingo.


Bingo is proven to have some tremendous benefits to mental health, with cognitive abilities and mental speed being the most affected, so it should come as no surprise that various education establishments use a variation of bingo. Bingo cards can be used in lessons to help students to remember certain parts of a specific topic for instance. Not only is this a fun way to help students learn and recall facts about a subject but it also has been scientifically proven to be an effective method of learning. Generally, these cards will be designed by teachers to suit their lesson plan and will not follow the traditional bingo format. There may not even be any prizes involved, except for learning the knowledge itself!

Bingo Drinking

Unsurprisingly, the bingo format has been adapted for drinking games. The format works incredibly well for those who use it. Generally a blank bingo card will be given to people and they will have to drink everytime they cross something off of the list, what exactly is on the list can be anything. These kinds of bingo cards tend to be enormously creative, with a whole host of different ideas being used on them. Bingo drinking can usually be found in places like student bars, university halls and stag and hen parties. You can even buy some prewritten bingo drinking cards from an online service or shop if you are struggling to come up with any good ideas.

Shopping List 

A surprising use for bingo cards comes with shopping. Everybody finds food shopping boring to some degree, some people find it so boring that they have tried to make a game out of it. Using the shopping list as a bingo card can add a little excitement to your next shop. This method is particularly effective if you are shopping with young children as they can join in. Just remember not to shout bingo in the middle of the shop, unless you don’t mind everybody looking at you!

Travel Bingo 

Staying on the topic of young children, if you ever find long distance journeys a little difficult why not try playing a form of travel bingo. If you are in a car you can play bingo based on the kind of cars that you see or signs that you pass. You can also play this game while on other forms of travel such as an airplane. It is a great way to keep young children entertained while they travel and the whole family can enjoy it together.


Clearly, bingo is a game that has much more influence that many people realise. We casually use it in our everyday lives, sometimes without even realising that we are playing a form of bingo. So whether you are using bingo for when you travel, in the classroom or even shopping, make sure to enjoy it!

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