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Sometimes our own family members cheat us. You may be thinking that how? But this is what is happening in most cases User-Friendly Mobile Spy Applications. You may not know when your family or friends will cheat you for their own selfishness. For this reason, you should always know how to use mobile apps to catch cheaters texting chats to prove it to others. It is really a daunting task to choose the top mobile spy or monitoring application when you are bombarded with several choices.

Nobody has enough time to check all of them personally and choose the best one among them. So here we have made this task a bit simpler for you, you can check out the top 5 user-friendly mobile spy apps that are reviewed by the team of experts. Without wasting any time, let us start reviewing all of them?


iSpyoo is a mobile spy software meant for checking on the employees as well as protect your kids from any hazards of the internet world. As it’s the most popular spying application, it becomes totally invisible. The distinguishing feature of the top-rated mobile phone tracking application is it allows you to monitor the video calls over Skype and Viber too.

Some other features that the supports include read text messages, location tracking, view call logs, SMS, record calls, photos, videos, view contacts, emails, IM chats, as well as internet browsing history among many more, said Lisa N. from best essay writing service uk and assignment writing service.


Xnspy is on the top list of our mobile spy applications, as it offers some of the best features compared to other leading spyware. It is one app that is the combination of the advanced spying features, reasonable costing, and 24 by 7 of customer support, which makes Xnspy app one of the top phone monitoring apps.

Xnspy isn’t only the surveillance application for kids but even for the employees. The app has got everything that you want to keep you well updated about the activities in real-time. 

Some amazing features will include monitoring messages and phone calls, access to the instant messenger chats & multimedia sent through these chats, email & browser monitoring, GPS location tracking, recording of the phone calls as well as surroundings, controlling target phone, and much more.

Even Xnspy has introduced a few amazing spying features and they areWi-Fi logs, Keylogger, and WhatsApp monitoring, and more. This app keeps getting better day-by-day. But that is not all! 


According to, the next spying app is Quester and this app helps you monitor the whole thing from your kid’s phone including log with the voice recording, photos, SMS, app usage, location contacts, and get an email notification with the usage information, the user will not even know he has got something on their phone.

This application has got a few amazing features such as action take pictures, take the screenshots without them knowing and listing audio from their phone, and more. 


FlexiSPY is an original “phone spy” tracking and is the best in this category- the app is in the market from 2005. FlexiSPY app is covered by many media outlets as well as has an amazing reputation for the unique features & best customer service. It’s an only monitoring app that will record calls, allow you to listen over calls live when they happen and spy over 13 popular messengers (Facebook, WhatsApp, LINE, Skype, and many more).

Whereas Flexispy might have a higher list of advanced features, it offers very good performance overall. The only thing about this app is that it comes with a price tag of $349 that seems to be a bit high. But, looking at the features, it is the best app.


iKeyMonitor is one invisible spy application for Apple devices like iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and even Android, which logs keystrokes, calls, passwords, WhatsApp messages, SMS, websites, GPS locations, as well as screenshots, and can automatically send logs to the users via email and FTP.

iKeyMonitor app will record the password that is entered & keystrokes typed over the target iOS & Android. The call logging will be available too. Users will see their phone numbers, duration of the call & time stamps.

Final Words

So, these are some of the best spy application available in the market that offers basic features that you want in the mobile spying application since it is the conversations that will allow you to get on the bottom of a certain issue.

Also, there are some advanced applications that will allow you to intercept the calls as well as the surroundings of phones too. Suppose, you are getting all the features at a very good price, it’s worth it.

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