Are you given a sports jersey with the repetitive numbers many a times? Or do you have any sort of lucky number? Then, do not get confused it is the indication of some relation of these numbers into your life. Numbers follow us at each step. You can find these numbers on billboards, license plates, lottery tickets,phone numbers and many more places. You may at times become ignorant to these numbers thinking it to be just a coincidence but my dear friend you are doing wrong. These numbers are not coincidence but a message which the universe is trying to send you . These numbers are a guide to you and are called “ANGEL NUMBERS“.

What are Angel Numbers ?

                         What are Angel Numbers ?

You, must be amazed after reading the words “angel numbers” and would be in a dilemma that what are these angel numbers and how do they look. Well, let me tell you these angel numbers are a good observer and can cast a glance at any related object or situation and than can derive meaning from those objects and can decode it at the best. These angel numbers convey some sort of specific meaning regardless whether we know the meaning or not.

These angel numbers or repetitive numbers are a reminder to you to focus on yourself and your surroundings and to connect with the universe for your betterment. These are the indicators of universe.

After knowing about these angel numbers the second doubt that arises in common is that how these angel numbers actually work? What is their plan or strategy to capture people around them? Do not panic, I hold answer to every question of your’s.

Well, these angel numbers work in several ways. The most common way in which these angel numbers work is in a sequence again and again.Some ways in which these angel numbers work are-

  • Sequence on clock- 1:23,1:11,1:33,1:55 etc.
  • Repetition in phone numbers.- 44,66,22 etc.
  • Repetition in home address- house number. 44 etc.
  • Repetition in clock- 2:22,3:33,4:44 etc.

Angels continue bringing our attention to same numbers sequence until we notice that these numbers are constantly appearing to our sight. These angel numbers try to deliberately capture our attention on them, through these numbers the universe try to convey us some messages.

These angel numbers work in a very common way of sequencing,repetition etc. and they appear to our sight through surfing on google, going through advertisements etc.

You all must be in a dilemma that why do the angels use these angel numbers to convey a message to us and why not approach directly? Well these angel numbers try to catch your patience, your presence of mind, your focus and intelligence regarding your surroundings and therefore keeps on coming around you again and again no matter how much you ignore them but still they will encircle you to draw your attention.

Well these angels are powerful spiritual beings. who try to help us and guide us through our paths by sending a variety of signs and signals.

Whenever we tend to ask for angelic help, advice and guidance, angels are always there to answer us. Not answering directly to us, holds a very good reason and that reason is that- angel numbers come down to frequency and resonance. Readers, keep in kind that angels are incredibly pure spiritual beings with magnificiently elevated vibrations. The love and light energy of angels vibrate so highly that we as human beings in our daily chaos are unable to feel them. Through messages and signals angels make our mind curious and agile in order to decode the messages.

The main  reason of communicating through messages is that the angels try to make us aware of their existence in such a manner that they cannot be blocked out by our subconscious mind or ego.

So, it becomes very necessary for us to identify these angel numbers in order to relate to the universe truths and facts which our angels are trying to provide us for our betterment at each stage of our life.