What Makes Prepaid Mobile Phone Plans a Good Choice

Choosing a mobile plan should not be complicated. However, it is one of the most daunting parts of having a mobile phone. The more complicated it gets, the more likely you will buy whatever offer you get.  

Before making any decision on what kind of mobile plan to take, you have to determine how are you going to use the phone: 

  • How many calls are you going to make every day? 
  • Are you going to call mobiles too, or you have to call landlines as well? 
  • How many local and international calls are you going to make? 
  • How much internet data do you need each month? 

If you think you are not yet ready to commit to a monthly bill, then a prepaid SIM card is the best choice for you. This way, you only have to buy credits when you need to, and you don’t have to lock yourself into any contracts.  

Why choose prepaid plans? 

By choosing a prepaid plan, you can buy a starter kit without a handset. Just make sure that your current mobile phone is not locked into any carrier; otherwise, you have to buy a SIM card from the same carrier your mobile phone is locked in. 

The starter kit comes with a few credits that you can use to make calls or access the internet, which you can recharge or top-up once the credits run out. Recharging your credit will extend your access to the network. However, the credit is limited only to a certain period, usually a year, or it will expire.  

Below are some of the things that you should consider when choosing a prepaid plan. 

  • The prepaid plan also allows you to have tight control over your budget. This is ideal if a child is using a mobile phone.  
  • Prepaid is also the cheapest option if you are a type of user who doesn’t make many calls or long calls. 
  • You will not receive any monthly bill. However, if you want to check your remaining credits, you can call the credit status number or check online if applicable any time. Moreover, the carrier can send you reminders when your credit is getting low. 
  • The prepaid SIM card credit may expire after a certain period, so you have to use them. Otherwise, you will lose them. Most carriers will let you hold on to your credits for up to 365 days. 
  • International roaming is not available from all carriers. If your phone is locked to a certain network and you need to go to a different network for specific services, you may need to pay an exit fee. It will remove the SIM security lock. Each network has its policy, so check it before buying. 
  • Check how and where you can top up your prepaid mobile credits. Most carriers will allow you to top up online or over the phone. You can also go to a service station, ATM, or convenience store. You may also want to check the length of the credit’s validity and how much is the minimum recharge. 

Prepaid mobile plans allow you to have a flexible budget by offering tight control over your prepaid credits. It is the best choice if you are a moderate phone user or a child will use it.

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