White Gold Or Platinum? It’s Said That 99% of The People Being Confused

The promise ring, as an important representative of love and marriage, has been given countless good meanings White Gold Or Platinum. A traditional ring, usually consisting of a gemstone and ring holder, is indestructible and has become an important indicator for people to buy rings. However, the “in obscurity” setting has been neglected…

The setting of the gemstone ring is usually made of white gold or platinum, its beautiful and white make the jewels more charming. So, which ring is better, white gold promise ring or platinum promise ring?

White Gold Or Platinum? It's Said That 99% of The People Being Confused
White Gold Or Platinum? It’s Said That 99% of The People Being Confused

First of all, we need to fully understand the difference between white gold and Platinum. White is an alloy of gold, nickel, copper, and zinc. Its hardness is higher than that of platinum, and the setting is firmer. It is rich in style, rich in color expression and its styles will be more beautiful than platinum. It’s also ideal for setting diamonds.

Platinum is a rare precious metal, and PT950 and PT900 are the two main specifications of platinum. PT is the abbreviation of Platinum, the white luster of platinum is natural, and the hardness of platinum makes it the best partner for diamonds. Platinum has “three not easy”: not easy to fade: platinum is not easy to fade, and suitable for long-term wear. Not easily damaged: Platinum has a high density and is not easily damaged even in friction, so the jewelry made of platinum is very fine. Not easy to fall off: Inlaid with various types of gems in platinum, is not easy to fall off.

The hardness of white gold is indeed much better than that of platinum, so the setting is firmer. White gold is more suitable for the delicate and complicated diamond ring. If you like platinum, you can also choose to buy a platinum plain ring to wear.

How to choose a ring? What should you pay attention to when buying a wedding ring? Knowing the seal on the inner ring of the ring. When you are picking a gemstone ring, do you notice the seal on the inner ring? Generally speaking, the jewelry ring sold in a regular jeweler’s place is marked with a seal on the inner ring. For example, a diamond weighing 0.23ct, the platinum is PT900, then the inner ring should be labeled: “PT900, 023” and other words. Consumers can identify these marks based on their comparison with the price tag and the test certificate. If it is an 18K gold ruby ​​ring, the inner ring should be marked with the words “18K or 750”.

White Gold Or Platinum? It's Said That 99% of The People Being Confused
White Gold Or Platinum? It’s Said That 99% of The People Being Confused

How to choose the size of the ring? The modern finger ring size is represented by the number, the minimum is 5, the maximum is 35. The range of the Orientals is between 8 and 28. When choosing a ring according to the size of the ring, it is better to wear the ring in the summer feel a little tight, and wear it in the winter feel a little loose but won’t fall off. When wearing a ring, if you feel too loose, you can wrap a few red lines or threads in the ring. If you feel too tight, you can apply some soap on your fingers, so you can put it off smoothly. Don’t make the ring too tight to prevent the ring fall off, if you make it tight blindly, when you are getting fat, or edema, the ring cannot be taken off. There are also women who can’t avoid getting fat and edema after pregnancy, so in the early stage of pregnancy, the ring should be taken off first, and the bracelet with the fixed mouth should also be removed.

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