Why Being A Temporary Locum Is A Great Job

If you’re a physician who’s looking for a break from working in the same office every day and you’re starting to feel as if you’re experiencing burnout from dealing with the same co-workers, admin work, or even the same patients, then it might be time for you to mix it up and find temporary jobs for physicians. For one, being a temporary locum is a great role for doctors experiencing burnout.

Find out about some of the benefits of being a locum below!

  1. You Set Your Own Schedule

As a temporary locum, you’re able to create your own schedule through the jobs that you want to take on. This is especially helpful if you’ve been experiencing burnout–you need to take some time and work less than 40 hours a week.

Having the flexibility to set your own schedule is also helpful. For instance, if your family members are experiencing any kind of emergency health issues, you’ll be able to take care of them more easily. Many part-time locums find this to be the best part of their job.

  1. Set Your Own Pay Rate

Another great thing about being a temporary locum is that you can set what you want to be paid per hour. Doctor’s offices or hospitals will then decide if they want to work with you based on the rate that you’re forwarding.

If you have any kind of specializations or certificates in a certain practice of medicine, then you might be able to charge a higher rate per hour than most other locums. If it’s a last minute opening that the doctor’s office is desperate to fill, they might also be willing to pay you more than the average rate. 

Why Being A Temporary Locum Is A Great Job
Why Being A Temporary Locum Is A Great Job
  1. Meet New People 

As a part-time locum, you have the chance to work in multiple offices. This means that you’ll constantly be meeting new people. If you were having problems with some of your old coworkers and were tired of hearing about the same, old office drama, then this can be a true benefit of being a locum. 

If you’re starting out your physician career, this will also allow you to network with a large group of people before you decide exactly what kind of office culture you’d eventually like to have at your permanent workplace. 

  1. You Can Travel To Different Places

Sometimes, a locum can fill in for a specific position in an office for weeks at a time. If you like to travel, being a locum could be perfect for you because you could experience a large variety of places while still getting to perform work that you love. 

If you’re still unsure where you want to live for an extended length of time in the future, this is also a great way to “try out” different parts of the country and see what works best for you. Again, being a locum who travels to different places will allow you to network with a large range of people who could help you further your career at a later date.

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