Women’s jewelry according to the zodiac signs

Not sure how to choose jewelry? Try to choose the most suitable piece at a zodiac jewelry shop, according to your date of birth. Jewelry based on the zodiac signs can be an interesting inspiration to decorate yourself according to your personality. Discover yours!

What jewelry fits your sign?


Brave and confident, Aries definitely does not need delicate jewelry that is indistinct and their temperament will completely outshine them. They will appreciate much more striking, expressive and richly decorated jewelry that will perfectly match their personality. An excellent option will be a ruby, which is also known as the stone of love and passion. 


Taurus are influenced by the element of earth, so they are not very cheerful and generally wins the practical and material side of things. So don’t expect a taste for distinctive and wild patterns or ornaments. Such jewelry would attract too much attention and would not fit into your elegant wardrobe. Therefore, you should look for decent jewelry. The finest earrings with rhinestones or small rings will be just right. 


Intellectual and communicative Geminis will find their happiness with a citrine stone that has cheerful and fresh energy. This semi-precious stone is said to be a stone of diplomacy, joy, and good humor. It will bring prosperity and balance to the lives of active Geminis. When it comes to jewelry, go for simple and fresh pieces. 


Cancerians are people with a sensitive and fragile nature and have a very emotional base. Therefore, her character fits delicate and fine jewelry, underlining her femininity and dazzling aura. A Cancer is best suited for pearls that are a symbol of femininity, feelings and emotions. Despite the fact that Cancerians have a strong relationship with family and pay a lot of attention to good interpersonal relationships, they sometimes have a hard time dealing with themselves, and pearl jewelry will help them with that.


The brave and strong Leo loves to be admired. Even in the animal kingdom, the lion is the king of all living creatures and he likes to be proud of his lush mane, so it is no wonder that the jewels for Leos are such that no one leaves them out. They are not afraid of strong colors, ornaments or extravagant pieces, but even here you need to pay attention to a certain elegance. The most suitable stone for them is a diamond, the king of all gems, whose energy no one can tame better than women in the sign of Leo.


Virgo belongs to the earth signs, he is very careful, logical and always stands firm on the ground. He can also be very critical, so choose jewelry for him carefully. Pieces that aren’t very expressive will suit him well, because Virgo doesn’t like to be the center of attention.


Playful and artistically based Libra has a great sense of beauty. That is why they are perhaps the most enthusiastic in the entire horoscope of all ornaments, among which jewelry definitely belongs. They are delighted with bracelets, rings and earrings, and because they have great taste, they can always match them perfectly. 


Scorpio is one of the signs with a passionate soul. Although they may seem passive people, make no mistake, they have a lot of energy. If you want to please Scorpios, give them a distinctive but simple gem. 


Energetic Sagittarius is sincere and his goals are high. Due to his adventurous nature and active life, they don’t have too much jewelry, because these ornaments would fool them. Therefore, it is advisable to present them with earrings or a ring, which they will not have to drop every day and will perfectly characterize their personality. 


Capricorn loves austere elegance. By their nature, these beings are ambitious, determined, but a bit conservative. They don’t like to try new things and not even experiment with jewelry. Choose a piece that is not specially decorated and highlights its natural beauty.


The original Aquarius likes to swim against the current. His nature is very free, friendly and imaginative. However, they have a deep soul and can fight for their ideals. The ideal jewelry for this sign doesn’t really exist, because Aquarians like to wear anything and at any time. A suitable semi-precious stone for this energy sign is purple amethyst, which will lift your minds, but at the same time remind you that reality is here on earth.


Delicate and calm Pisces can be very dreamy and thoughtful. They value harmony in life highly and are rarely disappointed by their intuition. Therefore, they will suit jewelry that is not extravagant and expressive. Instead, choose thinner pieces with a soft and fragile design. 

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